Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Spy - Music

Many Thanks for stopping by and checking out this weeks photo meme, hosted by the ever lovely and talented Christy, with Her Mad Mind, and myself.   The hardest photo taking challenge on the World Wide Web.  NOT.....  We give you two prompts with one of them always YOUR CHOICE.  This week the other prompt is MUSIC.

I traveled back in time, ok, went through tons and tons of photo's that I have taken over the years, before there was ever a thing called the internet (I know, right).  Let me just mention, my photo taking skills have improved tremendously over time.  Which is lucky for you, since I'm not that great as it is.  But I slam myself at least have memories in pictures.  """"memories, like the corners of my mind......mystic water colored memories, of the way we were"""""""  (caught ya singing along, didn't I)
Lets get started, shall we

I've mentioned in the past that Mr. Dazee is an avid collector of all music.  Here is just a smidgen of what he has.

Some Albums.  I see that they are making a come back.  He has at least 4500 of these babies.

Eight Track and Cassettes.  He says he too many of these.  Between the 2 of them, he has approximately 600. 

45's.   According to him, there is about 8000 of these babies.

I couldn't find a picture of all his CD's.  There is appro.  3500 of them.  He has them all in alphabetical order.  Of course, they haven't made it out of the boxes on this move.  
He has all kinds of music, old country, jazz, new age, rock and roll, classical.  You name it, he probably has it.  From the 1940's to present.  We need to get him his own internet station.

Here is just some of the equipment he has.  He has tons more of that too.

Whilst going through old photo's, I came across a couple of them that just made me smile.  

This first one is of my own 3 kids.  They must have been cold, or this was the first fire of the season.  It was a wood burning fireplace.   I don't know, it just brings back memories.

This next one is from when we made a family trip to California in 2000.  Before it was a big pain in the butt to fly.  My sons cracked us up the whole trip.  It was so much fun.  We didn't take very many vacations, so this too made me smile. 

Ok, so much for the blast from the past.  Please link up.  It can be anything.  I promise.
I want to wish all of you in the U S of A, Happy Thanksgiving, and those of you abroad, Happy Thursday.  Next weeks prompt is one where you can post some pictures of your holiday.  See, none of you should have an excuse, unless your dog eats your camera.

Next Weeks Prompts
Family Event 11/29/12
Your Choice

Ridiculous 12/6/12
Tracks 12/13/12
Historic 12/20/12


  1. I think you husband is awesome for his love of music. And the shot of them in front of the fire is so sweet.

  2. OMG! It looks like the inside of a radio station! I soooo want to browse his CD's and cassette tapes!

    That photo by the fireplace is so cute! Would make a great holiday card as well.

    I seriously need to start doing this one. Maybe I will take some photos of tomorrows festivities for next weeks prompt.

  3. Holy crap. I'd have a field day in there going through all those records.
    I'd also be scared that they would all fall over and I'd get killed by a Debbie Gibson record.
    Happy Turkey day!!

  4. Oh I am so jealous of his music collection!! Very impressive.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Wow that is a hell of music collection. I hope you never have a fire in your house!!

  6. Oh my holy. That's a lot of musics. I don't have that many anythings. *Maybe* I have that many half-used tealight candles.

  7. What fun... all around. I'm jealous of the hubby's musical library! I was just saying on Mad Mind that I love my iPod cause I can carry my library with me but holy... not sure if all of his would fit on just one! You'd also miss out on that record quality, kids don't know what they are missing these days & luckly the kids in your life can experience it:-) Love that last photo of your sons.... too fun!