Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Spy - Tracks

Guess what, guess what, guess what?   It's time for I Spy.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  
Please join Christy's Mad Mind and myself in our little photo meme.  Any camera is ok.  We give you two prompts.  One is always and forever YOUR CHOICE and the other changes weekly.  This week it is TRACKS.  You can always go traditional or outside of the box.  Me, I'm an outside of the box kind of gal.  Let's get this show on the road, shall we.
We got a ton of snow over the weekend.  You are going to see a photo montage of tracks in the snow.
Dazee's Tracks

Deer scampering out of the yard tracks, the day I opened the door and screamed at them.   I think I scared them more with my sleeping apparel.

Closer up look at the deer tracks.

Dog tracks.  I took this over at the park by our house.  It's funny how all the dog tracks went from tree to tree with a bunch of the tracks surrounding each tree.  This one wasn't too bad.

Human Tracks.  

I'm not sure what this track is.  I think maybe it was big foot, but I haven't heard of any sightings in my area.  You tell me what you think.  It was in my back yard, close to the house.  du-du-du-du-du

Tire Tracks.  


I was looking through all my photo's and came across this one.  It was taken a couple of summers ago before the landscaping went in.  The boys just roasting hot dogs and chillin together.

Now it's your turn.  Don't make me TRACK you down and hurt you so you will link up.  

Next Weeks Prompts
Historic 12/20/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Tradition 12/27/12
Vessel 1/3/13
Scar 1/10/13
Spying 1/17/13


  1. I never thought of the tire tracks! Human and animal tracks are great! Nice shots but I love the Dazee tracks!

  2. All I could think of was Sonny Robinson and the 'Tracks of my Tears'.

    I love the snow!

  3. Oh damn I joined in but I'm too late! Story of my life! :D