Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like You're Fired....

I've had two long turn jobs since I graduated from high school.  The first one I was at for 23 years.  The company I worked for got bought out by a big corporation, and therefore, I was expendable because, (A) I was a women, but (B) I made too much money.  So sorry, we are reducing our force.

The second one, was the dear sweet you are so important to us  you're fired because you hate your job, was a 10 year waste of my time place.  

In each of these cases, I was layed off a week before Thanksgiving.  Yes, both times.  

Why do I bring this up?  We have a TV station here.  KTVX, which is the local ABC network.  Apparently they got bought out, and this week they have "layed off" around 20 of their employees.  Honest to Pete, CEO's and owners of companies, cough, BF owner of last company I worked for, cough, have no compassion.   The holidays are supposed to be times of joy and wonder.  Not pain and wondering what you are going to do.

All I can hope, is karma takes a big ole chunk off their butts sometime.  

Because of the article in the paper about the lay off's, Mr. Dazee wrote a little jingle.  I just had to share it with you.  It is to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

~ God rest ye weary gentlemen
upon this winters day...
Remember corporate CEO's
will send you on your way...
With greed and cuts and pink slips
you'll be on your weary way...
O-O' tidings of comfort and joy
comfort and joy
O-O' ti-i-dings of com-um-fort and joy. ~

*Tis the season to be fired,*

Merry Christmas to all, and to all good luck

Sung by the Hostess Cupcake Singers


  1. They should change the "Year End" for all things financial to June 30 so these grinches will cut their payrolls in the summer.

    My company had annual reductions of 5 - 10% every year from 1987 - 2008. The reductions were legitimate, but the timing stunk. Every Christmas season people were left to sweat it out.

    1. Sorry for tagging on your comment, but it's the only way my Mac will let me.

      I think maybe CEO's time it so they can get their own ungodly christmas bonus check. Or they're just dicks. Either way it's lame.

      I like Mr. Dazee's style. He should make a holiday CD! lol

  2. Interesting about KTVX. Any anchors laid off? Maybe the news will get better and less sensationalized. Though I hate layoffs during this season. It's cruel and I wonder if the powers that be get a big thrill from that. Really, they could wait until end of June. That's when most companies have the end of their fiscal year.

  3. Haha. Sung by the hostess cupcake singers was awesome. That sucks. Maybe we should lay one of them off the week before Thanksgiving and see how they feel? :)