Saturday, December 1, 2012

David's Life

Jenny Matlock
I haven't participated in this for a super long time.  Probably because I had gone to the dark side.  But now, I'm back, better than ever.   I love that Jenny goes Off On A Tangent for us all to join.
She gives us a prompt, we have to use it in our writing and this week we only have 100 more words we can use.  The prompt will be in red.

As she paced the hospital floor, the only thought that went through her mind, was it just last week that David left for school and never came home?

He was small for being a fourteen year old.  So funny and full of life.  A little different than the other kids.  He had started complaining that people were being mean to him.  She told him to hold his head up, and turn the other cheek.  She wished she had never told him that.

That afternoon she felt in her soul that something awful had happened.  Then the doorbell rang................

I actually drew off of an incident that happened 2 days ago where I live.  You can read about it here.  

Bullying has got to stop.  
Too many lives are being affected because of all the hatred.


  1. That was a chilling read, chock full of many possibilities. I love a good cliffhanger...very well written !!! :)

  2. its so sad it happens to kids all the time and its starting earlier and earlier in age

  3. sad tale, bullying has to stop

  4. You write of such a terrible problem for our youth. How sad.

  5. Oh my you absolutely have this right. Bullying is by far the worst ever- and for one reason, even when bullying doesn't show it's ugly face often especially children can spend the rest of their lives ruined by some bully- and often those around them don't even know, until it's too late.

  6. Very sad but very well said.

  7. When Brett was 7, he was held down on the playground of the school and kicked- all because he walked funny because of the stroke. When I got to school the kids who'd done it were waiting to be picked up by their parents. It was all I could do not to go buck wild on their asses.

  8. I have this lump in my throat.

    I'm so saddened that our society condones cruelty in so many ways...instant media, tv shows, nastiness for the sake of nastiness.

    I often wonder if trying to teach my children to be kind and loving was a disservice to them? How do you survive in a cruel world when you've been raised to look for kindness?

    I am really touched by your writing here...

    ...and so glad you see you've come back into the light.

    That dark side is so often the path of least's sad that it's so.

  9. How awful!! I was bullied in elementary school, but it stopped eventually. It is not something I would wish on anyone.