Friday, December 28, 2012

I Spy - Tradition

Yeah, I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short for this weeks I Spy.  But, one of my favorite mantra's, better late than never.  

This weeks prompts are Tradition and Your Choice.  A holiday week.  No better prompt than this.  I bet all of you have photo's you can show off.  Don't be shy, show them off.  I promise if you will, Christy's Madness will not show up at your house.  I like to give her a bad time, but then she always points out that my blog is called, Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams.  Speaking of crazy dreams, you should have seen the doosie I had the other night involving Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  But that might be for another time.


My mom has always put out many decorations at Christmas time.  I was up at their house before her surgery and snapped some of the stuff she puts out every year.

This is a Christmas Tree that her Aunt crocheted.  Even the little presents under the tree are handmade either by needle point or other ways. 

Another Tradition of my mom's is all kinds of different manger scenes.  This one has huge wise men on camels, And then all the figurines.  

Of all her mangers tho, I love this one.  It is made entirely of rocks.  Everyone wants her to make them one.   


The tradition of family get togethers.  This is the first time since Mr. G was born that we had all the grandkids together.  They were working on a play that day.  Love those kids.  They make my heart feel joy.

Please show off your traditions.  I could use the smiles.

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  2. how is your mom doing hun?? I have been there done that and it is no fun let me tell ya. Looks like the younguns are having fun and making memories. The rock manger too cool I want one now lol.

  3. What beautiful kids! I really must get back into I Spy, sorry I haven't been joining in, I feel bad, it's just a lack of time and inspiration! Love your mom's stuff!

  4. that rock one is totally boss!

    fav tradition (started by my wife and I) is buying each other a new ornament every year and giving them to each other right before our Christmas eve viewing of Scrooged

  5. The only tradition we had in my family was buying an ornament each year. Otherwise Christmas was just a stress fest.
    But when we got to spend Christmas with my grandmother we made crescent rolls and they were glorious. It was also the one time my grandmother wasn't particular about what we did. No matter how much butter with brushed them with or how off kilter we rolled them it was good enough. Good enough was a rare thing with her.
    I didn't get to do either this year.

    I like the crochet tree. <3 And I think I'm going to make a rock manger scene now. It's super cute.