Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Cake Ever!!!

I've been thinking.  Oh stop it, I know I get all weird and strange when I think, but try to hang here with me for a minute, or seven.  

There is this song that Mr. Dazee has been playing while he has been painting the dining room.  I've always enjoyed it, but honestly, lately I've been trying to figure out what it all means.  

Take a listen.

Apparently, he baked a cake, took it to the park, gave it someone, who had the gall to leave it out in the rain.  

Then it gets worse,  he doesn't think that he can take it, because it took soooo long to make, and then he must have lost the recipe when he moved, or threw it away when he was done.  What a dork.

Then all of the sudden, the whole darn park is melting.  What the????

I want to know who the dirty rotten person is that left a cake in a park, in the rain.  Honestly, that person needs to be arrested just for not EATING the darn thing.  I've never been able to walk away from a cake.  Well, unless it is Spice, and then I can.  But still, that is just the waste (or waist, teeheehee) of a good cake.  

What do you think it means?

And no, I will not take any answer that says

"He must have been on some good drugs" 
Because that is a given.


  1. First of all, I never knew that Richard Harris recorded this song. What a freaky thing to do since the only version I'm familiar with is Donna Summer's a disco format.

    It's actually a love song about a breakup. Think symbolism. Love is like a cake being left out in the rain. I know. Weird.

  2. Yeah what she said. Which makes sense. He gave his heart to someone who did him wrong, everything he thought he KNEW about the relationship and her/him was washed away as well as he/she grew older. The recipe is the way he wooed her, and each person woos differently so why would you use the recipe of one on another.. get it.

  3. Ya, it's that era....pre Spice....when it was the real stuff. And that's what he put in the cake. And then it got all weird. And he just knew a couple or three decades later, someone would be smokin the spice crap and it would make sense. Obviously neither of us have.....
    It's latethirty, I better take my pipe dreams to bed:) mwahaha!

  4. Bitch, I was just going to say that he was on drugs and you totally disarmed me! Stop that!
    Anyway, I never knew that anyone, other than Donna Summer, sang that song. Remember, I'm a big Gay. Duh!

  5. I totally adore that cake!! Adorable!

  6. I prefer Donna Summers version I have to say. Is that frog on drugs too?

  7. I want some good drugs.

    Oh yeah, I am sober.

    Damn. That really screws things up!