Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Spy - Looking To The Left


Come with me, my little buck-a-roos, as we traipse through photo land with Christy and me, or I, or whatever the good English is.  Right now, I really could care less.  What?  I'm allowed a bad English day once in a while, aren't I?

Back to the rules.   We give you 2 prompts.  One is ever changing, and the other is always going to be Your Choice.  We don't care what kind of camera you use, or how you dress it up.  We just like you to show off your work.  Of which, there are many many many of you that need to start doing just that.  You know who you are.  Yeah, I'm looking at YOU!

This weeks prompt is LOOKING TO THE LEFT.  I have to say, I had a riot with this one.  Why, because I'm not normal.  I know it, I live it, I accept it.  

Lets begin.  First of all, I'm super sorry about the quality of this first photo.  I was in a hurry to get it taken before the subject found me out.  I was leaning against the paint chips looking to my left, down they aisle as Mr. Dazee and this Lowe's dude were conversing.  Why did I take his photo?  Well, because, while Mr. Dazee and I were discussing if some of the handles needed to "special ordered", this dude starting heading down the aisle, spotted us, did a quick right turn, and TOTALLY IGNORED US.  I know, I'm scary looking but hell, customer service and all.  Mr. Dazee ended up having to go find him, and what was he doing.  Oh, lets see, TALKING WITH 3 OTHER LOWE'S EMPLOYEES.  Poor baby, he had to come help us.  Boo Hoo.

The last few weeks, I have passed the next photo, while shopping at Walmart.  Being the avid book reader, and Criminal Minds fan that I am, every time I pass those, I blurt out to Mr. Dazee, 
"Should we get one to hide the bodies?"  He's such a good sport.  I just don't understand why he hurries and walks away when I take out my camera in public.  Oh well.

Last week my mom and dad moved into a senior center.  My daughter and I went to check out their new digs.  I have to say, I wanted to live there by the time we left.  They feed you 3 meals a day, have activities all day long, and clean your room once a week.  Of course, my mom wanted to "show us off" so we went during lunch time.  Sitting at the table to the left of us, was this group of ladies.  Apparently that is "their table".  DO NOT EVER SIT THERE.  One of my other sisters ate dinner there and had their 2 kids with them, so mom and dad, not knowing "the rule", took that table so the kids would have a place to run.  Oh lordy, did they get the stink eye, and even worse, "that is OUR table".  Apparently Senior Centers have cliques too.  They didn't even know I was getting their photo.  hahaha, I'm that good.


Last month, Mr. C's 2nd grade class was studying weather.  In fact, every day, one of the kids was the "weatherman".  He came up and we went on my iPad to get the next days weather so he could do his "spot".  Fun.  Anyway, they had an assignment that they had to do a poster of a "storm" and tell the class all about it.  

His was entitled 

"The computer storm shoots technology.  It gives people technology when they need it.  If it hits an animal, it would give the animal super powers of shooting lightning.  It would burn things if it hits any type of plant.  The good thing is, if it shoots a computer, and the computer is dead, it will work again"

He thought up all of that himself, and did the poster.  That kid's brain is amazing.  

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  1. Love the photos. Especially of the blue hairs. Oh did I say that out loud? Yikes!

    Make sure you get a backhoe so you can bury the blue barrels deep enough they won't be found. And make sure it's in the vast desert so it would be even more unlikely they are found. Then...make sure said backhoe is obtained with a fake name so no one can connect it to you. You got all that?

  2. Just bring the blue barrels here and we will toss it in my neighbors burn pile that is always on the creek bank, all residue will wash into the river bwhahahah.. Ugh and here I was hoping the clique thing ended long before old age, wait I am in old age and see it daily, my bad..

  3. I know, I know, at least I'm here lookin, that counts. So is Wilbur D. Thinks he should step outta the box and go do something. But willie? mwahaha!

  4. I enjoyed all the photos and your stories to go with them. My husband has told me numerous times he's gonna bury me in a drum like that. (we live on enough land he could bury me right here instead of in the cemetery) I keep reminding him I wanna be cremated and my ashes thrown into our pond. Of course it's all a moot point. I'm gonna outlive him. ;)

    Quite a creative project, that computer storm....

  5. I think Mr. C's poster was quite creative.

  6. Wow. This is creative. I loved the little frog in the button, too.