Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Spy - Repeating Patterns


I Spy, with my crazy eye, you all joining in on this fabulous photo meme, that is hosted by Christy and her Mad Mind, and myself.  Don't be shy, just do it.  Think Nike (is that their saying?)

Here are the rules.  I feel like I'm so official when I put these for you all to read.  Every week we give you 2 prompts.  One prompt changes weekly, the other doesn't.  You can use any camera, fix it up anyway you want, and link up.  See how easy that is.  Now listen, if you don't start joining up, I might have to put a song and dance together like they do on the award shows when they give you the rules.  You've been warned.

This weeks prompts are REPEATING PATTERN and YOUR CHOICE

I have to say, it took me awhile to come up with a thought on what I was going to photograph.  You see, my partner, the one with the mad mind, comes up with the hard ones.  Because, well, she is so much more professional than I.  So, ummm, yeah, we'll blame it on her this week.  Got it?  Good


My daughter-in-law crocheted this for me as my Christmas present last year.  Talk about your repeating patterns.  Did you happen to notice its purple.  Oh yeah, she knows how to get to her mother-in-laws heart.

Another repeating pattern.  The handrail going to our upstairs.  I love how some of them have little curly things on them.  I have to say, those, as well as my front door, had me loving this place when we were looking to buy.


One day, Mr. Dazee and I went to Lowe's to pick up some paint for our dining room.  While I was waiting for them to blend and mix and all that hard stuff, I noticed the cutest Bird House I have ever seen.  They made it for the March Of Dimes thing.  You could get a shamrock for a dollar, or as many as you wanted and then you were entered to win it.  I asked the customer service desk how much it would cost to just outright buy it.  Oh, about $350.00.    If I had that kind of money to spend, I might have just done it.

The front

The left side

The right side

So Freaking Cute!!!!

Ok, its your turn.  Come join the fun.

Next weeks prompts
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Your Choice

Future Prompts
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Nostalgic 5/17/12
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  1. I love the blanket and the birdhouse is absolutely adorable..

  2. I love the purple of course but those birdhouses are mind blowing. If I was tiny I would so live in one. Nice job!

  3. very cute :) I love purple its my favorite :)
    you need to ck out my new purple blog :

    that birdhouse is amazing

  4. Wow! What an unbelievable birdhouse - it's fantastic! I'd never want to put it outside where the weather would take its toll on it.

    We were on the same wavelength with our repeating patterns. :) (except I never learned to crochet)

  5. That is quite a birdhouse. I like it.

  6. How come I'm always so late with my entry!! Sorry.

    Love your curly knobs. Okay did that sound rude?

    That birdhouse is amazing, I agree. Can you imagine the hours of work that must have gone into that!