Monday, May 7, 2012

OMG, There's Dinosaurs In My House

May 6

Big day in our family. 
My Mother-in-law, Myself, and My Daughter each gave birth on that day.  
You know, when you say it that way, I see 3 women, going through labor, and then laying in a bed holding a newborn baby.  All 3 were boys.  All 3 were the second born child.  All 3 have the same personality.   And I love them all to pieces.

Mr. C is all about dinosaurs.  Has been since he was just little.  He can tell you things that you would never know about them.  He can name them all.  All he wanted for his birthday was for his family, both sides to come to his house for a party.  My daughter is the best ever at parties.  (no, she didn't get it from me).  We had dinosaurs everywhere.  


Happy birthday to my husband, son and grandson.  


  1. Cudos to your daughter and happy birthday to all your boys!

  2. Wow that's some Dino party, but where's Barney and Baby Bop??

    Happy birthday to all 3 of them!!

  3. What an awesome birthday celebration. Love the dinosaur theme! Boys are cool.

  4. That is the weirdest thing I have ever what are the odds of that happening? You must have some sychronized eggs or sperm.
    Anysexytime, happy birthday to all 3!!! xoxo

  5. What a party!
    And Happy Birthday to your adorable triplets!
    Your Friend, m.

  6. It's obvious that your family doesn't participate in outside activities in late July/early August.

    I hope all the guys had a great time!

  7. What fun it must have been! Great party ideas! What are the chances of same day, same sex and same personalities? I have a neice and nephew born on the same date, five years apart, from two different fathers.

    Thanks for sharing the Dino party!!

  8. Ok so the birthday thing is pretty cool and I love the Dino Toe Nails bwhahaha

  9. Great party. Brett was a dino freak too. I made him a big cake with a volcano, a lake and dinos everywhere.

    Word to the wise: Start the day before...

    I didn't and lived to regret it.

  10. This looks awesome! I love it! I could only hope to have that kind of imagination.

  11. Such a fun party! Love all of your labels and ideas here! Great job!