Thursday, May 31, 2012

What The Frack - Happy Edition

I had an epiphany today.   I am a firm believer in not everyone has things that bother them, drive them nuts, and makes them want to hurt people.  So today, I have decided to do a "things that make me happy" frack post.  It can be up to you, you can get mad things off your chest, or cool happy things.  I just really want you to link up.  Every week will be your option.  Combine happy and mad if you want.  

I have two reality shows that I HAVE to watch.  My all time favorite is The Amazing Race, because they have to win.  No one votes them out.  I call that a pretty fair game.  These were the Kentucky Boys from the just finished up season.  I wanted them to win soooooo bad.  They mad the whole season.   

The other that I have to watch is So You Think You Can Dance.  I have zero, zilch, nada dancing skills.  I watch this show and I'm in awe.  I've even been known to be in tears after some of the routines.  I also like how they have gotten away from showing all the dumb, stupid and bad dancers.  They do show a few of them, but most of the time they just promote the best.  

Last week there was a mother that tried out.  She was a really good dancer, and was sent through to the Vegas Round.  Her daughter is a future dancer.  She wanted it to be her turn, so they cued up some music and let her dance.  

Another thing that made me happy this week was this

(photo taken with MY CAMERA, out of the People Magazine THAT I BOUGHT)

Color me stupid, but I had no idea that Thor and Gale (The Hunger Games) were brothers.  Can you say hubba-bubba.  They have the same eye color.  I'm going with Thor as the better looking one.  Just wow.

I would be remiss if I didn't include, my boyfriend (and not yours, or yours, or yours) mine, Mr., I'm going to my happy place, Shemar Moore.
Ladies, and Mark
I included Mark because, well he thinks that I should be overcome with rapture when I see photo's of him on his blog.    I promised him, that he will always be my second boyfriend.  Cuz I'm nice like that.

There you have it.  My happy fracken post.  I liked it.  I think it's going to be a fun new adventure doing both mad and happy.  


  1. Dazee darling I love ya with all my gizzard but we will scrap over Shemar.. just saying. Holy Superhero they have gorgeous eyes, just liquid pools of stare into me while I have my way with you.. umm yeah..

  2. Awww... I liked your happy stuff; and I like your ranty stuff too.

  3. That little girl was favorite part of her dance was when she was on the floor and put her head back so dramatically.

    Thanks for my first laugh today!

  4. Frack...


    Happy: I think I just want to say that the movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" made me smile this week.

    Upset: Mr. Restaurateur didn't answer my text yesterday. Bastard.

  5. I wish I had a body like that! :D I bet that takes some work!

  6. I like Chris Hemsworth better too. Buffer, hotter, and all that. His little brother is OK, but he's dating Miley Cyrus, so, he loses points for that. But that's me. Thor rules.

  7. The Amazing Race is just amazing. I love that show too. And I might take either one of the brothers. They are rather handsome.

    And I just have to throw this in. I get to see your boyfriend an hour earlier than you! I still love you!

  8. Your boyfriend? Y O U R BOYFRIEND???? Meet me on the playground after school and we'll settle this now!

  9. I like this happy post. It was fun. I liked the Kentucky guys also, they were one of my choices to win...not who actually won. I agree, Thor is the better looking of the two. But they are both very yummy!!