Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Don't Stock It? What The Frack!!!

It time once again for me to go off on the unsuspecting world.  Wait, you expect it.  Duh me.

I just have a couple this week.  I haven't been out much, so, well, you know, road rage isn't part of it.  Shocker, huh.

Dear Dazee's Subconscious Mind

Please, for the love of Pete, stop dreaming every single night of the week, that you are back to your former place of employment.   And by all means, if I hear/see/sense in my dream that this is said, "we're just kidding, you still have your job", throw my head against a wall.  
If you are wondering, that is a photo of the owner.  Yes, it's true.  I don't want him in my brain anymore.  Remember how I supposedly "hated" my job.   Not so much, just dislike him a lot right now.

Dear Del Monte, Makers Of Contadina Sweet & Sour Sauce
I hearby request, that you get your sales rep in the state of Utah to get the hell on the job, and get this item back on shelves.  This is the only sauce I will use.  I used to buy it 8 cans at a time, just to have it when I needed it.  
Thank you for at least answering my email in a timely manner.  I think it sucks that there is no grocery chain within a 100 miles of me that stocks this product.  
Thank you for at least giving me the UPC code so I could request it to be brought in to Walmart.  We all know that the only way they will consider bringing something in is if they have the UPC just to know what it is you requested.
Also, be advised, I was being truthful about being unemployed, and would certainly take on a Sales Rep position in the State.    Despite what "some country bumpkins" think, I do not hate my job, I love them, I help them grow, and usually become the "mom" of the company.  

Now, that wasn't too bad.  

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  1. Yeah, you know it's bad when you dream about your bad job!

  2. I hear ya on the sauce. When I moved to the NW there was no Luzianne Tea to be found. I've had it shipped to me for over twenty years now. addicted.

  3. No ranting this week, only featuring a follower. Great post!!

    Happy Friday.

  4. Funnier than hell, as usual! Have a great weekend sexy!

  5. I was so angry when they stopped stocking this brand of popcorn with a salt and vinegar sauce die for.
    I still look for it...yet I know it's not there...sniff

  6. Yeah what Diva said. I would contact the company about ordering it directly and having it sent to my house. Problem solved and usually runs out less then buying it from the store.

  7. the linky isn't working hun

  8. Man, you are brave for posting the owner's photo here. I might be seeing you as a defendant on Judge Judy soon!

  9. I grew up in a town that carried certain graham crackers. The store was Krogers and we don't have those here. For years I would buy them when I visited. Now I don't get them at all.

    Ex bosses just suck. They have no idea what they're missing.

  10. Just give the boss jerk the stink eye and FORGET about it!!! He'd love knowing he's still in your head...UNDO him!! Ya, and if wallyworld won't carry it, call them back and just order it...

    I think Nelson is on the way home...wait till he sees cousin Willie D is waiting:)

  11. Ha! So crazy. And I love that cat pic. Classic.

  12. Oh. I hate when they take things off the shelves I like. Like my tomatoes diced with lime and cilantro. Made me ballistic.

    And..just a note. McDonalds changed their mustard sauce I used with the chicken nuggets. Terrible.

    It's just nice to be self-employed. Shouldn't we all be? LOL