Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Spy - Nostalgic


It was a cold and blustery night, when the doors were flung open by a force unknown to man.  Whatever could it have be.  Oh my, it was Christy and Her Mad Mind arriving to exclaim to the world that it was the eve of the I Spy maddness.  

As she flew around the room, she informed all those around that they needed to grab their cameras, look in the book of magic, and gaze upon what was this weeks prompts.  I gathered my courage, glanced at the page, to see that the prompts for the week were NOSTALGIC and YOUR CHOICE.   At last, something a wee lass like myself could handle.  With a surprisingly forceful scream, she left as fast as she had come.  The door slammed behind her.  How did she do that?

(Que Barbara Streisand singing Memories)


See that cute little Mary?  My daughter.  The little shepherd on the right hand side with the red robe, my oldest son.  The tiny baby Jesus.  My youngest son.   At least I think it was my baby son.  Long term memory, not so good.  

Back when I was a young mother, money was pretty tight in our household.  Ok, it's always been tight, but yeah, tight like it can only be when you have little kids.  Therefore, on Halloween, you don't go out an buy a fancy shmancy costume.  You make due with what you have hanging around the house.  My daughter, the hobo, wearing a flannel shirt of her dads, and his fine and dandy budweiser hat.  The bandana was mine.  Beard and mustache, coffee grinds and vaseline.  My oldest son,  his overalls, a shirt we picked up at the thrift store, and let me tell you, back then they were only like 25 cents.   Another of my bandana's and a cowboy hat we had hanging around the house.  

Kids and their little projects at school.  Take a guess what the holiday was this time.  No, not another Halloween.  My pilgrim, indian, and just a little smiley boy they found to invite to dinner.  We'll call him Christopher Columbus.  :)

Mr. Dazee getting the side yard ready for something.  Probably the fence.  My youngest son, was always his helper.  I looked and looked for the photo of him and his little red wheelbarrow just like his dads.  It was so cute seeing them out there having his dad fill his with dirt and then dumping it in the field.  I guarantee you he was out there jabbering and smiling the whole time.

Now the grandkids are Mr. Dazee's helpers.  When he gets the ground ready for cover, first he pulls all the weeds, puts down weed block, pours his ground cover onto them.  He then stamps them down with his feet.  Here are Miss O and Miss A helping with the stamping.  They were such good little stampers.

I so hope that you all will join in this week.  I know you have old photo's that you can show off.  If not, you better watch out for those cold and blustery days.  Just sayin.

Next Weeks Prompts
Clouds 5/24/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Electric 5/31/12
House 6/7/12
Macro 6/14/12


  1. I LOVE that cute little cowboy! Great choices :)

  2. Lord you don't EVEN want to see my old stuff.. Well wait maybe ya do cause I was ya know cute and stuff.. Ok be linking here in a second.

  3. We had to make do as well.
    One year I went as crazy tea bag lady...don't ask

  4. Now it's YOU putting songs in my mind all stinkin day! Love all your cuteness here...awww the memories of makin do:) But where are YOU in all this lane walking? Ya, I want to see YOU in all your nostalgia too! Ok, Ok, I'll settle for seeing YOU this weekend ;}

  5. Great post! I'm not even half way through raising my kids and you made me all nostalgic. I'm glad I take tons of photos of them.

  6. Now you KNEW this would be a fun prompt because we all have old pictures we can pull out!!

    These are all so cute. I use to have a Budweiser hat almost exactly like that only mine had a wider, floppier brim.

  7. Oh, those pictures are so cute. Life goes by so fast! When I see pictures of my girls as babies, I want to jump in and grab them and hug them and pinch their little chubby cheeks.

  8. Awwwww! So schweet! I love old haloween pictures.
    You're kids were super cute.
    My Camera broke. So now that I actually have computer/internet access I still can't join in. *sadface*

  9. I love these photos! I'm always amazed at how small they were. It definitely brings up nostalgic feelings. Love your set this week and the tribute. Very nice.

  10. I'm sorry I'm so damn late with this as usual! Real life keeps getting in the way at the moment!

    What lovely shots of your kids! The sure did like dressing up!

  11. Why did I write real with a capital R! :D