Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Well Do They Really Know Us?

This picture cracked me up big time.  How many times have you thought, or said, the same thing.  

While trying to come up with something special for Mothers Day, I remembered seeing 
these questions on Sunshine and Peanuts blog.  I sent off emails to Mr. Dazee, My sons and my son-in-law.  Some of their answers, I must admit cracked me up.

Then I got the bright idea to send the same questions to their wives to see how close they were.  I loved how honest the girls were with their answers.

Happy Mothers Day
Mindi, Amy and Lizzie
 all you other mothers, women who aren't mothers, or have a mother you want to celebrate.

1.  She’s sitting in front of the TV.  What’s on the screen?
Mr. Dazee:  Criminal Minds  (yuppers, Hi boyfriend)
David:  Grey’s Anatomy.  This is the only 40 min break she gets all day, but she doesn’t even do it every day… (correct)
Justin:  Some sort of cooking show.  She doesn’t really watch TV though  (Kids Shows)
Brandon:  How I Met Your Mother, Intervention, some sort of Vampire show… (Netflix)

2.  You’re out to eat.  What kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
MD:  Blue Cheese (correct)
D:  Ranch, on the side.  Outback Steak House is her favorite (correct)
J:  Probably that god awful blue cheese  (Ranch)
B:  Ranch (correct)

3.  What’s one food she doesn’t like?
MD:  Pizza (I will eat vegetarian, but anything with meat, ick)
D:  Not many..She at least will try almost anything, but she doesn’t like relish on her hot dogs or raw onion (Red Onion)
J:  Steak!!! (correct)
B:  Tuna (Tuna Helper)

4.  You go out to eat and have a drink.  What does she order?
MD:  Margarita (yes please)
D:  Margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim  (correct)
J:  Large Diet Coke (correct)
B:  Dr. Pepper or water.  Or… (water.  sidebar.  right now only because she is pregnant)

5.  What shirt size does she have?
MD:  Large  (this is why I love him)
D:  This is a tricky question.  It depends on the shirt.  I am glad I am not a girl.  Each manufacture makes their clothes different for women.  But usually a Medium/Small (correct)
J:  I’m not gonna say because I enjoy peace in our household  (correct)
B:  Not sure, she steals mine when we’re at home… (who knows now, see question 4)

6.  What shoe size does she have?
MD:  4?  (a 4, hahahaha, 7 to 7-1/2)
D:  7 - at least this is more unified (correct)
J:  Er, ah, 7? (8)
B:  Again….V?  No idea…Same size as mine (9)

7.  What’s her favorite type of sandwich?
MD:  Grinders Pepper Steak (omg, loaded with grilled onions, tomatoes, mayo and hot peppers)
D:  Honey smoked turkey with avocado.  She also likes BLT’s (correct)
J:  Spicy guacamole chicken sandwich (Turkey Avocado Panini)
B:  Turkey bacon avocado on focaccia….from Kneaders (correct)

8.  What would she eat everyday if she could?
MD:  Ice Cream (coffee flavored)
D: Coffee!! Ok, I know you can’t eat coffee, so Salmon  (Brownies)
J:  Fancy shmancy vegetarian stuff (Cafe Rio Pork Salad)
B:  Café Rio (Halibut)

9.  What is her favorite cereal?
MD:  Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios (addicted)
D: Cheerios with grapes (green grapes)
J:  Honey Nut Cheerios (correct)
B:  She hates cereal…. (not a cereal person)

10.  What would she never wear?
MD:  Bikini (and the world thanks me for it)
D:  My underwear!!  She hates to wear swimming suits in public places (Dave's beer shirt)
J:  A Bikini (Stiletto heels)
B:  ….um….a Hat (BYU Stuff)

11.  What is her favorite sports team?
MD:  RSL Salt Lake  (there are some hot guys on that team)
D:  Utah Jazz.  John Stockton got her hooked (correct)
J:  Utah Jazz (correct)
B:  Philadelphia Eagles!!!!! (correct)

12.  What is something she does that you wish she wouldn’t do?
MD:  Snores (what?  me?  Snore?)
D:  Being so hard on herself.  She has extreme super human expectations of herself and she achieves almost all of it, but she still feels that it isn’t enough at times.  (Too hard on myself)
J:  Worries about being judged by stupid people (I'm insecure and second guess myself all of the time)
B:  No comment……. (NAG!)

13.  What is her heritage?
MD:  English (and Welch)
D:  Awesomeness!  English? (correct)
J:  Croatian.  (English, Croatian, Swedish, Danish, German)
B:  German! (I'm a mutt)

14.  You bake her a cake.  What kind is it?
MD:  German Chocolate (correct)
D:  Strawberry Short Cake.  She also likes Ice Cream cake.  (Chocolate or Carrot)
J:  If I baked her a cake it would resemble something more like three day old tuna casserole (chocolate)
B:  Red Velvet (correct)

15.  Did she play sports in high school?
MD:  No way!!!!!!!!!! (what?  I was drill mistress of the pep squad.  Doesn't that count?)
D:  If you call HOT a sport.  Then Yes!!  She did do some track.  (Sprinter)
J:  No (correct)
B:  Don’t think so….. (correct)

16.  What could she spend hours doing?
MD:  Reading (he knows me so well)
D:  Crafting wit the kids, planning parties, cooking, reading.  (Reading)
J:  Oh god, talking about feelings and sh…stuff like that (gardening)
B:  Looking dreamingly into my eyes….;) (sleeping)

17.  What is a unique talent that she has?
MD:  Singing  (he's making fun of me here, because I usually just sing off key to him,  but I have sung in groups)
D:  Her unsurpassable talent is being an incredible mother/wife.  It is a lot of hard work and determination and she ROCKS!! She is amazing in the kitchen.  She can make anything taste to die for.  Even homemade chocolate (Multitasking)
J:  Her ability to handle stressful situations with our daughter (I can lift one eyebrow)
B:  She puts up with me! (crocheting)

18.  What is her type of coffee?
MD:  Mini-cups flavored (I think he's trying to say K-cups)
D:  She is a regular coffee girl.  With vanilla or carmel creamer.  Unless it is Christmas time, and then she like the Peppermint Mocha's. (Medium Breakfast Blend)
J:  Black Organic (any flavor of coffee with Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer)
B:  Something fancy from Starbucks….. (anything with caramel)

Now, I'm off for some coffee, ice cream, salad with blue cheese, and a grinders pepper steak sandwich.


  1. What a riot! Thanks for the Mother's Day chuckles! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Fun stuff for an early morning giggle:) You have a fun fam Dazee! Course, they have a fun mom too:) Happy Happy to ya! xox

  3. Happy Mothers Day hun.. They crack me up but hey they did really good with what they did know lol.

  4. Ha! Happy Mother's Day girlfriend! These were hilarious to me. I'm sure someone I know wouldn't even be close.

  5. I'm not even sure I could answer these questions about myself and get them right - the guys did an awesome job! Hope you had a marvy Mother's Day!

  6. Turkey with avocado is my favourite. Nom.
    This is hilarious. I need to print these out and see the answers I get ;)
    Happy mothers day!!

  7. You're not my real Mom!

    That made me laugh.

    When my sister was in the nursing home she used to tell my Mom that all the time when she didn't get her way!

    This was really a fun link!

    Glad your Mother's Day was swell.

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