Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Spy - Macro

Christy and her Mad Mind, came up with this weeks prompt, because, well, she is a true photographer.  For a little bit of time, I was contemplating not showing my acknowledge  of what the heck a Macro was.  But then, I got brave, asked her, and she said it is, 
and I quote, 
"close ups"
end quote.

Phew.  I can do that.  And so can you guys.  Get brave.  It's fun.  You get to show off things.  You can even email that stupid boy that sat in back of you in elementary school and poked you in the back and pulled your hair, and tell him, that you have far outreached his knowledge and coolness. 

This week our prompts are MACRO and YOUR CHOICE

**clearing throat, queueing the music**

Let me tell ya'bought the 
birds and the bees
and the
flowers and the trees
and the sky up above.
And a thi-ing cal-led lo-a-a-a-ove


This hummingbird came right up to my son-in-laws shirt last summer when it got stuck in our garage.  

My brother has started a beehive.  We went over the other day to take a look.  You people that have beehives in your backyards are brave, brave people.

While shopping at Walmart last weekend, I stopped at the flower cooler thing and snapped a shot of this beautiful rose.

This one isn't quite as close up as it could be, but I wanted to show you this cool tree that Mr. Dazee planted.   It kind of reminds me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book.


In keeping with the macro prompt, I took a close up photo of Miss L's hair.  She has always had such beautiful natural highlights.  So pretty.  I have to pay money to have stuff like that done.

See how fun that was.  Come on.  Get brave.  The first time is always scary, but heck, once you get into it, you will have a blast.

Next Weeks Prompts
On The Wall 6/21/12
Your Choice

How easy will on the wall be.  You all have walls, you all have stuff on your walls, heck there could even be a fly on your wall.  See, easy.

Future Prompts
Crank 6/28/12
Fuel 7/5/12
Fans 7/12/12
Heirloom 7/19/12

Just remember, thinking outside of the box makes for some fun and different photo's. 


  1. OOOH see I could have used my moth for the Macro one here as well.. dagnabbit. I have been so lonely on my blog, no one comes to visit me.. sighs..

  2. I love the beehive! That is awesome! Nice set this week.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Okay I'm gonna try and join in this week, as I have no idea what "crank" is next week! :D Unless it's Crank that Soulja boy? Okay I just realised that's not next week. I think I need to go back to bed.

    I love your close up shots.

  5. I love the bee shot!! My husband and I decided we wanted to have bees and got a course on it for the computer. That was some years ago and as far as we got. Maybe someday....

  6. Cool picture. Anyone that has a beehive in there yard is insane. Period. :)