Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Spy - On The Wall

What do you do in the summertime?  Me, you ask.  I have lots of bbq's and get my family over as much as possible.  One thing I do in the summertime, and year round tho is the photo memo of the year, I Spy, with my co-host and partner in crime, Christy at My Mad Mind.  Just a word of advice, you don't want to see her mad, so you best hope on it and link on up.  

You know the process.  We give you two prompts.  This week they are On The Wall, and Your Choice.   Have I mentioned that your choice is the 2nd prompt every, single week.  Oh yeah, we are hard hosts, let me tell you.  Grab that camera of yours, take some photo's and link on up.  You are missing a great opportunity to show off your craziness, a-la-Dazee, or your madness, a-la-Christy.  It's fun, it's exciting, it's what all the IN BLOGGERS are doing.  


The last time I had my doctors appointment, I spotted this on the elevator wall.  It cracked me up.  Why yes, yes I am on the elevator.  Do my feet hurt too much for the stairs.  NO, but when I get to the doctors office they do a little thing called, checking Dazee's blood pressure.  If I were to climb three flights of stairs, blood pressure would not be good.  Besides, riding the elevator increases my blood pressure too.  But not as much.  What?  You don't worry that the thing is going to stall, or crash.  Yeah, me neither.

I know I've posted this on my blog before, but really, it needs to be seen again as a public service message.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT walk to your kitchen in the darkest part of the night and not turn the light on.  If you are super coordinated like me, you will do a total face plant into the wall.  Did the house shake when I hit it, yes it did.  Did I scream out in pain and agony, ding-ding, yes again.  Did I leave the impression of my face.  We have a winner, of course I did.  


Miss L decided that she was going to donate her hair to Locks of Love this week.  She had just the right amount that she needed to do it.  


Locks to go to some lucky child

Finished cut. 
I don't even have to tell you how proud I was to be her grammie.  The huge smile on her face the rest of the day was priceless.

Next Weeks Prompts
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Crank can be just about anything.  A person, place or thing.  Get that imagination going.  

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  1. The doctor is supposed to make you exercise. Right? Mine tells me to walk all the time. So maybe I need a podiatrist. Okay, maybe not. And I don't have to use an elevator to get to mine. How's that for funny?

    I'm so proud of her! She donated to Locks of Love! I remember a little bald girl........

  2. When I saw her pics on Facebook I wanted to cry because she cut it all off. But she donated to a good cause. BRAVO!

  3. Teh doctor's sign cracks me up.. Woot woot on lil one for donating her hair.. shows she was raised right.

  4. Oh my! You must have hit that wall HARD!!

    That's wonderful she donated her hair. My daughter donated hers to the Pantene equivalent of Locks of Love a couple of years age. She's thinking about doing it again since it's grown out so much since then.

  5. Hahaha. That sign is hilarious!! And the new haircut looks super cute. Good for her. :)

  6. Your grandkids are so cute. Annie's teacher donated to Locks of Love this year too. It think it's so awesome!

  7. Why didn't I see this post when it hit? I love that Miss L. did that. And she looks gorgeous with her new short Do!

  8. I LOVE HER NEW CUT! And someone else benefits from the old one, so everyone wins. I seriously do love her new shorter cut, she looks beautiful!

  9. Ouch, walking into the wall is not a good idea!!

    My younger daughter has just had all her hair cut off! As in really really short. She looks a real tomboy now.

    Miss L looks lovely. Oh and my photos are finally up too!