Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Spy - Crank


It is I Spy, Hooray
Where we all post some pics
If not, you are such creeps.   :)
(oh I know you all put a  rhyming word there)

Time to join up again with the ever popular Christy and her Mad Mind and myself for our weekly photo show-off-ery.  This weeks prompts are CRANK and YOUR CHOICE.  Link on up, you know you want to.  


I love this crank handle water feature.  It was on display at Lowes.  I think it would look really awesome in our backyard.  (hint, hint Mr. Dazee)

The crank handle on our wishing well.  Mr. Dazee made this.  
Shameless plug.  Mr Dazee has made more of these wishing wells that he would like to sell.  (Not to mention, it would clear out some room in our garage).  Some are large (like this one) and some are a medium size.  


Day Lilly's.  I love this flower.  I love the little planter they are in.  I love the fact that the deer haven't walked up our stairs to our porch to eat them, since they have taken care of all the ones planted in the front yard.  The rats!!!

Last week my mom and dad celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  I think that is quite a feat.  All us kids (9 of us) contributed money for a nice photo of the Manti Temple where they got married, and had a plack marker that says their names, wedding date, and 60 years.  The quilt has the same thing embroidered on it.  I have to tell you.  My mom HATES her picture taken.  (hmmm, I wonder where I got that from).  This photo will be a treasure.
I only have 27 more years to go to reach my 60th anniversary.  

Next weeks prompts
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Future Prompts
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Eye Candy 8/2/12

Remember my rule of thumb.  LET YOUR IMAGINATION BE YOUR GUIDE!!!!!


  1. Very cool crank shots! And the day lilies are beautiful.

  2. LOVE the water feature adn congrats to your mom and dad

  3. Oh I totally want one of those wishing wells. I wish I owned a home! I love seeing your parents. They look great!

  4. Love the cranks you shared and that planter is precious!!

    Congrats to your parents. That's quite an accomplishment. We still have over 30 years to make it that far.

  5. Why am I always so late!! I love the planter, and the wishing well.

    Your parents look really nice, they have warm faces. Congratulations to them!

  6. If I had a yard to put it in, I would totally buy a wishing well. I love Daylilies too!! One of my favorite flowers. Congrats to your parents. That is awesome. :) Mine just celebrated 40 years. Kinda crazy!!