Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ok, Now You've Fracken Pissed Me Off

Remember last week, how I was all cool, nice and happy on What The Frack?  Ain't gonna happen this week.  I try to steer away from all things political and religious, but I feel if I don't say something about the following I'm going to blow a gasket.  That is not a pretty sight, if you were wondering.  

There is a children's book called
It is about a family with 2 moms.   The author was approached by a young girl asking why she had never written a book about her kind of family.

Apparently, a mother of a kindergarten student here in Utah, got her panties in a wad because her child brought it home from school one day.  Click this link to see the story that I watched on our local news.   In Our Mothers House.  

I was livid.   Maybe livid doesn't even cover how mad I really was.  

There are a huge number of children that are in AWFUL homes.   Oh, they have a male dad, and a female mom, but they are being abused physically, mentally and sexually, or just being ignored, but hey, they are in the only relationship that some people feel is appropriate.  Bull-fracking-shit.  

Oh, but "we don't teach hatred or prejudice to our children".    Really, by making a big deal out of your child bringing the book home, getting a petition signed by other "like-minded" people to have the book HIDDEN behind the counter, isn't teaching prejudice.      
Heaven forbid, there is a gay, lesbian, transgender, or biracial couple that would be awesome parents, that WANT TO ADOPT children that others don't feel are fit to bring into their families.  A lot of time they are the older children that are languishing in foster care.  

I love men.  I'm married to a man.   He is not of the same religion as me.  I have had people that didn't let their children play with my kids because he wasn't the same religion as them.  I never understood that way of thinking.  You know what?  My kids turned out to be awesome adults.  A few of these same peoples kids, not so much.   But, lucky for them, both their parents were the same religion.  That makes it all right.

Some of my best friends are in non-traditional relationships.  They love their kids, they are raising them to be awesome adults.   

Just because you don't understand other peoples ways of life, doesn't mean they are horrible, rotten people.  


  1. Woo-hoo! Way to frack it, girlfriend! I'm with ya 100%. I just want to kick the snot out self-righteous assholes like that. And, of course, they all claim to have "God's agreement" on their putrid, hateful views. Well, now I'm fracken pissed off, too!

  2. God has been on all sides of wars. So who's right? None of them!

    Teaching discrimination is just wrong. I've said it before and I'll say it again....Tolerance is a dirty word. Acceptance is beautiful.

  3. "Just because you don't understand other peoples ways of life, doesn't mean they are horrible, rotten people."

    Very, very true.

  4. we had the most difficult time adopted racially mixed and black kids....all from BLACK social workers who seemed to think the kids were better off in foster homes than being adopted into a loving family. We fought them all the way and finally got our kiddos. So what we're white and they're black/mixed. They're loved, we're loved. The end.

  5. The absolute, most important passage in the Bible is:

    Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    I'm not religious and even I understand this!

  6. Go girlfriend go.. People sicken me with the crap they spew in the name of religion.. NEWS FLASH JESUS was NOT lily white with blue eyes.. Historically speaking he was more then likely of mixed descent with the lineage he was packing.

  7. I don't understand how our children are ever supposed to learn acceptance if they aren't educated. Putting the book behind the librarian's desk shows judgment, intolerance, and even hatred. Who are any of us to judge? Unbelievable!

  8. We don't have to understand something or even agree with it to respect it. Have no clue why this is so hard to not only comprehend for some but to incorporate in their life. I guess they equate respect with acceptance or approval. They are no synonymous. How horridly boring to only surround myself with carbon copies of me. I mean, I AM totally fracking awesome, but I do need variety to grow.

  9. It's very sad, that so many people in one of the most advanced countries in the world still live, breath, think like middle ages.

  10. Unreal that someone got their panties in a bunch over a book.

    I have nothing more to add because it wouldn't be proper for a blog like this to host a comment filled with select adjectives.

    Suffice to say, I've met developmentally disabled people who got more on the ball than those dolts.

  11. I couldn't care less if someone is an 8 armed, bi curious, developmentally delayed, cross-eyed, cross dresser from Timbuktu, as long as they treat me with respect. Their beliefs are their beliefs and if they're not the same as mine so what?

    As long as they don't harm anyone else or encourage others to do so what's the problem?

  12. Well done!! Beautifully said Dazee!! It's unbelievable that people still feel this way, but sadly they do.

    Excellent post.

  13. You are now on my top ten people to marry when Fred kicks the bucket. Thank you for this!
    I owe you one.