Monday, June 4, 2012

Helicopters and Groceries and Oz, Oh My

You guys, I had the whopper of dreams the other night.  I know, you are all thinking, but Dazee, your dreams are always crazy.  You are correct my little munchkins.

Supposedly when we are in REM, it's only for a few minutes.  I dare to call BS on that statement.  

*Cue dramatic music*
I am at work.  (I know, just pretend and go with me on this one).  I am working in this huge open spaced skyscraper type building.  I am working for the company I worked for for 23 years.  That is the company I was at before the last horror I was at for 10.  I'm trying to get out of there and out of the blue comes the owner of the company, flying a helicopter, inside the building.  He keeps telling me, "get in".  I fight him on it.  Don't want to even have him in my line of vision.  Finally, I get in, and we almost crash into the door.  I jump out and start running.

Find my way into another building.  It is a grocery store.  But, it is not like a normal grocery.  

You fill out a paper, take it to a cashier, and they type it into the computer and someone goes and pulls all your stuff.  You just wait.  I notice that they have a room that people are in doing all kinds of weird "crafty" things.  Turns out they are applying for jobs there.  They tell me I should apply.  I'm like, ummm, no thanks.  I don't think I could make enough money here.  I get my groceries, try to take them out to my car, but I can't find it.  Not only that, but it has been snowing.  Turns out Mr. Dazee has come and switched cars with me, but has not informed me of such.  That guy.  

Finally find his car, put the groceries in, but decide I have to go into the bank.  Go to yet another building, go in, start talking to the tellers.  They tell me they are hiring.  They love me there so they tell me I really have to apply.  I finally say, ok, I will.  But then, they inform me that
I have to watch The Wizard of Oz before my interview.  What the?  Apparently the whole application is about the movie.  Maybe they are testing our retention skills.  I have no idea, but I'm thinking to myself that this is just way too off the wall for me.  Hey, close those jaws that just hung open.  Could happen.

Think I best be off to watch the movie.  You never know.


  1. I take one week off from Blogging and you go from bad to worse.
    But if you do apply to that store, have a Gay take the test for you. We know our Judy Garland!

  2. You dream was at least surrounding a central theme. Wild as dreams tend to be....
    I usually dream. Like every night I dream. And you are right. There's no way all our dreams at night could be contained in a few minutes.
    My dreams are many each night and weird enough that once the figure out a way to record them....I know I will become a cult figure. Trulul

  3. I like your dreams. They're bizarre yet fun. Mine are usually just freaky.
    Especially the bit about the helicopter boss. I don't know what he looks like but I'm sure it was a pretty funny image.

  4. And watch a little Dr. Oz just for good measure...

  5. Just what are you doing right before bed Miss Dazee?

  6. OK this time I got nothing lol. absolutely nothing.

  7. I'm still laughing at the idea you were running.

  8. Watching wizard of Oz is totally understandable. I mean who wouldn't want to work for an organization that would make you watch a classic?
    I love it in dreams when you get morphed from one place to the next and you have no idea how you got there but you just go along with it

  9. Hahaha. Oh Dazee, that is hilarious. Any job that made me watch the Wizard of Oz I would love.