Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Spy - House(s)


I spied summer the other day.  It was 98 degrees.  Today, if we are lucky, it will get to the grand old temp of 68.  Yeah.  whats a body to do.  Damn mother nature.  Join Christy with her Mad, Mad Mind and myself for this weeks fun.

This week's prompts were super easy.  I am expecting a freaking ton of you to join up today.  Because, listen, you can go out in front of your house, or the backyard, and snap a photo.  See, how hard is that?  You can even use your phone camera.  We are not picky.  Now get on it like blue bonnet!!!!

As I already mentioned, one of this weeks prompts is HOUSE(S) the other, YOUR CHOICE.  Three weeks ago, I went on a little road trip with Vicki of Just Call Me Jake.  We went up to Midway, Utah, a quaint little town kind of by Park City.  I know you all know about Park City, as we did have a lot of the Olympics there in 2002.  Anyexplanations, on with the photos.


This one doesn't really qualify as a "house" but omg, look how they turned this garage into a freaking cute coffee shop.  Love

Midway has a Swiss flair to it.  Every fall they have Swiss Days.  Vicki and I are planning a road trip to attend that.  Here is another house, that someone bought and turned into a realty office.

Another Swiss style home

I have always wanted to buy an older home and fix it up.  I fell in love with this house as we were driving by.  

Then of course, you all know I was supposed to win the HGTV Dream Home, that they built in Midway.  Oh yeah, some lady from PA won it.  From the looks of things, they haven't moved in.  The rats.  I would so have been there.


Three years ago, we bought this waterslide for our grandkids.  We had just sold our home, and weren't anywhere we could put it up.  Finally, this year, we were able to put it up for the first time.  Can you say, BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!  We had the family over, except for my oldest son, who had to work.  I so wished he could have been here.  Anyway, as you can tell from the photo, we all had a blast.  When there is water, you just know a water fight is going to happen.  Did it ever!!!  Mr. Dazee even got involved.  
See the cute photo on the corner right there?  
Yeah, that would be my newest grandson in utero.  (not really him, and that is his umbilical cord you sickos).  I have to say, my daughter-in-law puts up with my silly ways, and was cool about holding the picture so he could be represented.

As you can tell, the slide was enjoyed by all.  It is huge.  If you are an adult 200 lbs or less, you can even take a slide, as my son-in-law did on the second photo from the left.  

This summer is going to be a blast!!!

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Let your imaginations be your guide.  As you know, I think outside of the box.  There is a good chance that some of these prompts will produce photo's you are not expecting.  


  1. I love all these photos. Such charming houses. But the damn waterslide! Woo-hoo! I'm coming to your place for the summer. That's just the coolest thing ever!

  2. Awesome shots as always! Those kids had fun didn't they? Love the houses too. I'm also resentful that we didn't win that house. How things may have changed.

  3. I had to admit my favorite of yours today is the one that really isn't a house. That coffee shop is great!!

    It's really cute what you did with the baby pic, too!

  4. Beautiful homes. :) That slide looks fun!! I want one now.