Friday, June 22, 2012

We Have Fracking Rights Too

Bet you thought I wasn't going to do a what the frack post today, huh.  Surprise, surprise.  Never underestimate my unliking of things.  

We all know my feelings about deer being able to freely come into our yards and eat our vegetation.  This photo was taken today, June 22, 2012, at approximately 2:30 PM.  Thank goodness he is in the neighbors yard.  I'm thinking his hussy girlfriends are out there somewhere.  They have eaten all our roses.  We don't just have one bush, we have plenty.  I fracking do not like deer anymore.  And guess what, H.O.A. from hell.  We are going to put some kind of fencing up in the front yard because we are sick and tired of it.  I promise you, IF you decide to fine us, you better be prepared.  WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a little problemo in our fine state.  We have gun owners that are spouting off their 2nd Amendment Rights of owning a gun.  I believe that people should be able to own guns.  I think they should be able to protect themselves and their property.  What I DON'T agree with, is them being allowed by the Bureau of Land Management to target practice, during the heat of the summer, and start fires.  We have had 20 fires in the last month started by these fine individuals "target practicing".   The most recent fire happened last evening in Utah County.  On a mountain, close to the cities of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.  As of today, Friday, June 22, 2012, 500 homes have been evacuated and could be lost.  All because some fracken ya-hoo needed to go shooting.  See the latest story here.  Reminds me of a couple of years ago when WE were evacuated because the Utah National Guard decided to practice shooting during a High Wind Advisory of 5, but hey, they are the government.  They can do whatever they want.  WE HAVE RIGHTS AS HOME OWNERS TO NOT HAVE  OUR HOMES BURNED DOWN BECAUSE OF AN ACT OF MAN!!!!!!!

I know I've said it before, and I will keep saying it.  Controlling men this week are making me want to grab a few of them and smash their heads against a wall.  The person taking the abuse HAVE FRACKEN RIGHTS.  They have the right to do what they want.  SEE WHO THEY WANT, SPEND TIME WITH WHO THEY WANT.  To the jerk in particular that thinks I am of Satan, you think I'm Satan now, you just wait.  I WILL NOT TAKE THE ABUSE YOU HAND OUT TO MY FRIEND.  She may be scared of you, but me my non-friend, I am not.  I promise we will spend time together, and she will get back to whenever WHEN  I am ready to get her back.  And I also promise you, that if I hear ONE WORD of treating her badly after I get her home, you better watch out.  I've had it. You don't make me sad, you make me pissed off as hell.   It is not a pretty sight.  

And that also goes for you Splinter
You are the biggest fracken rat bastard of them all.  

***stepping off my soap box now***


  1. Holy hell batman I feel sorry for the guy who is trying to control his woman.. I would offer backup but I think you got this hun..

  2. You have a fire started by gun practice, we have a fire started by lightning & burned down my dad's house. On another blog I saw a comment by some retard saying things like "F*ck fire bans, I never pay attention to those, I'll have a fire if I want one." Jerkoff, my dad's house burned & he lost everything, really?! Doesn't apply to you?! Psh.

  3. I target shoot... and I don't understand how they are starting the fires. Are they smoking cigarettes and throwing the butts in the grass and starting them that way?

    Maybe they are firing black powder guns... that can emit sparks when fired. I'm so sorry this is happening.

    Tonja... my Dad's house was destroyed by lightning..


  4. There's a reason deer heads are mounted on walls. They're the dumbest of the dumb and I freaking hate them.

  5. Some easy free deer repellants that you already have - human urine & human hair.

    remove the hair from your brush & drape it around. Then, let the boys of the neighborhood pee in your yard. You know they want to, anyway.

  6. My mom has deer that she is convinced were born in her yard because they always are wanting to come back.
    I hate fires. Especially when they were started by human beings. They're so scary.

  7. I'm all for being able to shoot a gun as I have many times myself. But there has to be some common sense when shooting in a drought. Those projectiles are hot when they hit the ground. Really! I know!

    You tell them! Don't let them get away with their actions.

  8. I'm anti guns so I think I'll keep my mouth shut.

    We have problems with deer in our garden too, but they are kinda beautiful I have to admit, but not when they are chewing up your prize roses.

  9. ... why Splinter?

    I'm anti-stupid-people-with-guns. I really think that there should be some kind of competence evaluation before destructive objects are sold. Not red tape or hoop jumping; just a simple handout that would take a few minutes and answer a few verbal questions. Tada!

    Maybe you can make a huge bear animatron and put that in your yard to scare away the deer... Actually better idea. Tell the HOA that it's either a nice fence that will in no way lower property value or a huge ugly freaky bear animatron to keep the deer out of your yard.

  10. You really got your Frack on this time Miss Dazee.

    Sorry but since the deer do nothing to piss me off, I still think they're cute. I just hope you and the HOA don't get into a war. Those jerks almost always prevail.

  11. Wow, I can see why you're fracked in every story. Each one made my blood boil just reading them. >:0