Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Spy - Change

How's tricks?   I've been reading a series of books by Catherine Coulter and she likes to use that.  I'm channeling my inner author.  I know, I'm a goonball.  
Are you ready for another fun and exciting week of I Spy with me and Christy's Mad Mind.  Why of course you are.  You were just waiting for us to post the link so you could link on up.  Don't try to fool me, it's true.  Our prompts for this week are CHANGE and YOUR CHOICE.   I had a fun time this week with these.
Speaking of prompts.  We are looking for some fun and exciting prompts that you would like to see us do.  I know you all have something in mind.  Give us a comment on what would be your fancy.  I'm begging you.  Begging I say.
This tree in my neighbors yard starting changing colors last week.  I thought it made an awesome photo of change while it was happening.  It's crazy how the leaves change at their own pace

Santa gave the kids some banks last Christmas.  I thought the idea behind them was cool.   It has dividers inside and you put money in each of them.  I thought this would make a cool photo for change.  (there I go again, thinking outside the box, or with this photo would it be inside the box)  **giggle/snort**

This is Miss L's bank.  You can see that her savings part has a lot more money in it then the others.  Of course, she is older and will spend her money to buy things.

This one is Miss A's.  She is 5 but man, look at the  wads of bills in hers.  I now know where I need to go to get a loan.  


In keeping with the prompt of Change, I thought I would "change" a photo of myself.  I used the application PicMonkey to "change" my looks.  They have some really cool Halloween effects right now.  Check um out.  
 My hair is no longer this color either.  So I guess you could say I "changed" that.  It is brownish/blond now.  As in ooh-la-la.  
I think I will definitely scare people with this look.  Or not.  I can scare them pretty bad without the monster stuff.  You should see me when I first wake up.  mwaahh-hhaaaa-haaaaa

Now it's your turn to show us what you got!!!

Next Weeks Prompts
Circles 10/18/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Self Portrait 10/25/12
Halloween 11/1/12
Pole(s) 11/8/12
Wish 11/15/12


  1. Fun pictures! I wish my kiddos would save money like that.

  2. Girl my hair looks like that long after I have brushed it and doesn't go down that way.I think I need to hit up your grandbaby for a loan as well.

  3. you crack me up girl! And I love those banks!

  4. LOL... too fun. The little ones are rich man, can I apply for a loan?? Great pics!

  5. Those banks are so cool! And is that your Halloween costume?

  6. Damn I'm so sorry I'm late but I've added the post to Joey's pad this week but I forgot the My Choice photo! Ooops.

    That last shot of you is a bit scary. :D

  7. I love fall!! For that reason. And that picture of you is awesome. :)