Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Spy - Look Up

Time once again to spend some quality time with Christy's Mad Mind, and my crazy one. This week our prompts are LOOK UP and YOUR CHOICE.   Grab whatever camera you have available and please link on up.  We want to see you strut your stuff.

This photo is looking up at the ceiling in my brother Jeff's ICU room.  Where the bed is, if you look up from it, it has footsteps all around the circumference of the bed.  I sat there trying to think about what meaning they had.

Here is another shot of it.  I just thought it was kind of cool
PS:  Did you know that the beds in hospitals will weigh you now.  It blew my mind when they just had him lay down and then pushed a button and wammo.  


If I've told you once, I've told you a twice, DO NOT LEAVE ME ALONE WITH A DRY ERASE BOARD AND MARKERS. 

Here is the photo of the board as is. 

This is the board when Dazee gets done playing with it.
Honestly, sit there long enough looking at that board, and those faces mean other than pain.  
Even a closer shot
Yeah, I figured the people that work there need a good laugh once in awhile. 

Now show us what you got.

Next Weeks Prompts
Change 10/11/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Circles 10/18/12
Self Portrait 10/25/12
Halloween 11/1/12
Pole(s) 11/8/12


  1. BWhahahah I think everyone needs a good laugh every day.. that board would certainly cause one. I don't know why they did that with the ceiling either but it is pretty cool.

  2. You are hilarious! I love white boards and markers too. There was nothing cool on Annie's hospital ceiling, but she did have a lot of fun toys to play with, including a Wii and a Game Cube.

  3. Omg! You are just like me. I love to do that stuff to boards in the hospital. And I do the same with forms you have to fill out. It's so fun!

  4. Were the footprints to let the patient know they are not alone? And I love the boards!

  5. i love the boards. i did the same thing when i was in the hospital.

  6. Hey I hope it's okay but I've done last week and this weeks prompt in one post. I just didn't have time to do it last week.

    I love the footprints on the ceiling. :D

    Ha ha, only you could do that to the boards!

  7. That board is hilarious! I had to sit in the hospital with my boyfriend through his cancer stuff and you don't know how bad I wanted to play on their boards. They didn't have fun faces on theirs though otherwise I wouldn't have been able to resist! Love the feet on the floor, oh the stories I would have made up while sitting there! LOL.