Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I want to write commercials.  Really.  Seems like you can get away with a lot on them lately.  I love the ones with double intrundras.  I have to admit, I giggle/snort when this one is playing

Meanwhile, back in the real world........

After months of my blackberry deciding to scroll WHILE I'm trying to text, or email, I decided that it was time to get a new one.  Dudes, phones are super expensive anymore.  I had to go with the payment plan, because our plan/plan isn't on a contract so new phones must be outright purchased or payment planned.  (Yes, I have great english skills)

I have to say tho, I had the BEST EXPERIENCE with the gang at T-Mobile.
Why yes, here they are now.  From left to right,
Mitch, Carelsy, Luis

If Luis looks familiar, he made it to the top 50, season 6, on So You Think You Can Dance. 

I must admit, I was not in the happiest of moods when I went in.  This job situation crap. But alas, it is not stopping me........anynewphonelater, by the time I left, Luis was calling me mom, Mitch offered me a taste of his milkshake, which was a bubblegum flavor, and no I didn't have a taste, and Carelsy, well she had to scold me once because I let the F word fly when something upset me.   Then they all burst out laughing and I was in like Flynn.

Another thing, some of you people are just crazy.  I was asking them how often people get a new phone.  Good golly miss molly, they told me that people are upgrading all the time.  They get tired of their phones, want something new.  Me, well, I had to wait until I was ready to throw my blackberry against the wall.  (oh, Mr. Dazee would have, we all know that, because he's a man, and the inanimate object can feel pain)  

Phones are EXPENSIVE!!!!   I already mentioned this.  Shame on people that constantly need the next best thing.  Where do you get your money?   No, don't answer that, I don't want to be an accessory to the fact.  

Anyway, I wanted to give a shoutout to my sales crew at T-Mobile.  They actually made my day, and made me feel like I was cool.  Well, I am, but sometimes it's awesome to have someone besides myself think that.

Now, I must go confess to Mr. Dazee that I got the new phone.  Didn't tell him yet.  Was waiting for the right moment.  That moment is now.  Wish me luck.

If you hear's not going well..........
(Mr. Dazee when he hears the news)


  1. No shit right? I have an old phone. All we have is regular service. No texting. No internet. NADA. Still our bill is 70 dollars a freaking month. Our phones are always acting up but every new phone in the dang store is something that is for texting and such. Don't need it people! Remember when cell phones were bigger than a house phone?

    1. Thank you for your common sense approach to over priced phones....errr I mean little computers with a phone built in..what a waste of $$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!

  2. Lol. Good luck. And yes, phones are ridiculous in the price department. What kind of phone did you get?

  3. Just to eliminate any doubt, I am crazy, and then some.

  4. I have a pay as you go flip phone. No internet. And my service period has expired. I think the phone has fallen behind my desk - who the hell needs the hassle?

  5. 2 words STRAIGHT talk. 45 a month unlimited anything and everything and their phones top out at like 199.00 bucks for a do everything phone. Mine cost 60 and does it all just not as well lol. Plus you can order a sim card for ANY phone for 15 bucks then switch to their service easy peasy.