Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Fracking Icky......

What the frack is going to be brought to you by the ick factor this week.  You've got that right, all things ick.  Sometimes I just have to do the world some good and bring things to light that you just haven't thought of, up until now.
Now please, link on up.  I know you have had fracky moments this week.  I want to hear about them.  
This is what I woke up to October 25, 2012.  I know, some of you lurv the snow.  Me.  I fracking hate it.  The only day I allow the joy that is snow is Christmas morning.  Then by the afternoon it must be gone.  
Moving on

You have all heard about the love hate we have for deer.  I know, "but Dazee, they are so cute".  Right.  Let me show you some of the love they have left around for us.  This is a sidewalk in our back yard.  This little tiny tiny amount of droppings is only an example of what was left for our viewing pleasure.  It went the whole length of the sidewalk, which goes around to the side of our house.  Weren't they just so fracking nice to us.  
This is what most of you think of when you think of deer poop.

This on the other hand, shows that the deer in our area have way to much fracking good stuff to eat.  I give you, the biggest deer dropping I have ever seen.  
You just threw up a little in your mouth, didn't you.  But wait, the worst is yet to come.

Mr. Dazee, the ever popular "looker for gross what the frack moments for his dear sweet wife", asked me ever so kindly made me take this photo whilst grocery shopping the other day.  
Why yes, that is hair that has been picked up by the wheels of the grocery cart, or for my good friend Joey, the trolley, at any said place with this apparatus.  This is why you should never, ever, ever go barefoot while shopping.  I need a moment........this photo just really makes me kinda feel pukey.

Now its your turn.  Go for it.  I know you want to.


  1. Seeing as it snows maybe once every 20 years in my town, I am jealous. We have hot and hot as hell for our seasons. Send it my way.

    And eww on the deer poop! The closest I get to a deer is if I have enough money to go to the zoo.

  2. Oh I love snow but not in October you can keep it. We have had temps in the 70s here this week but it is about to bottom out and get back to normal.. sighs

  3. Silly snow scrooge. :) That cart looks nasty...

  4. I hate snow and I hate deer. That sounds terrible of me. But I don't care really, I hate them both!

  5. Hate snow, hate deer and that hair just grosses me out. Makes me wonder what kind of kinky sex they were having on the way to the car that caught her hair in the wheel..

    just gross..