Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Spy - Circles

I feel like that little frog.  Been hopping to and fro all week.  
Time for our little photo challenge, I Spy, hosted by Miss Christy's Mad Mind, and little ole me.  We are the coolest hosts around.  We give you 2 prompts, this week is CIRCLE(S) and YOUR CHOICE.  So easy even I can do it.  Wait, I always do it, even if they are hard, because I'm just cool like that.  :)  Grab that camera, phone, etch-a-sketch, whatever you use to take photo's and hook on up.  


Do you know that if you type circles too many times, it doesn't look like you spelled it right?  Yeah, me neither.  
This first photo is the circle that is a tire rim.  I thought this one was kind of sharp.  

Here are some "circle" candies that our neighbor gave us.  He works for See's Candies so he is always supplying us with goodies.  Don't be too jealous.   I know they aren't perfect circles, but hey, you get the point.

This is my off the wall circle photo.  Why?  Because I always do off the wall, outside of the box, I'm not a normal person, type of photo's.  I present to you, the injection site of my long range insulin.  Inside the "circle" you will see a white dot.  Sometimes, when I inject, It puffs out.  I think I hit a vein or something.  I thought it would make a cool photo.  Am I right, or am I right.


Last night, my newest grandson made his entrance into the world.  I took this photo of the new family.  I have never seen my son look so happy in his life.  Once I get permission to post a photo of his cute little face, you bet it will be up here.  

Got permission.  Not even 12 hours old and is sporting the mohawk.

Now its your turn, show us what you got!!
Next Weeks Prompts
Self Portrait 10/25/12
Your Choice
Future Prompts
Halloween 11/1/12
Pole(s) 11/8/12
Wish 11/15/12
Music 11/22/12


  1. Love your off the wall circle photo... LOL, you crack me up! Candy mmmmm, we have a little See's kiosk here in some of the malls ~ YUM! Congrats on the new grandbaby, he is adorable with all that hair & so stylish already:-)

  2. AWWWWWWWW congrats memaw. He is adorable. Around here we call that mohawk a cocks comb.. or rooster comb lol. We do it to ALLLL babies boy or girl..

  3. Looks like G'ma got a winner. You think he was worth the wait? So much hair! Wow..

  4. You're injection site photo is so you! And I love love love the baby photos.

  5. You must be one happy Grandma about now. Congratulations Miss Dazee.

  6. The injection photo is very cool!! And congrats again on your new grandbaby. :) So much hair!!

  7. Late as ever! I did join in again though. :D

    Congratulations on your new Grandson. He has my hair!!

    That injection shot is so you. :D

  8. Seriously? that is a lot of hair!

    He is adorable!

    Congratulations! Super, super, super cute!