Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Spy - Halloween

Guess what I dressed up as to hand out Halloween Candy?  Come on,'ll never guess.......

BRALESS LADY.....hahahahaha

If they weren't scared of goblins before, they are now.  

Now, I know you all did something or other for Halloween.  I want pictures.  Got it!!!!!  Do a post and link on up.  Your Choice can be anything you want.  Even if it's just more Halloween pictures.  (except for Joey, because he's being all "I don't do Halloween)  I'm thinking he would do an awesome costume, but hey, that's just me.


What better way for me to show of the grandkids than in their costumes.  I know, I'm that kind of grammie.
Miss L, Gypsy
Mr C, ummmm, yeah
Miss O, Garden Witch
Miss A, Snow White in her cowboy boots
Mr. G, Skelator

I saw this tree one day in my travels.  Finally I was back in the area and stopped to take a picture.  I thought it was appropriate for Halloween.  It is kind of spooky looking the way they've cut it away from the power lines.
OK, your turn.  Show us what ya got.
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  1. cute! See, now you are just daring me to put up a post and show off my kids and I refuse to be THAT mommy blogger! Little Skelator looks tuckered out and boots were Snow Whites favorite accessory!

    1. That tree is awesome! They do that around here with some trees but none of them look as awesome as that! The grandkids are great... even the new one is all decked out in his Halloween garb, EXCELLENT!

  2. Adorable kids!! So adorable. And that tree looks hilarious!!

  3. You totally stole my costume! I was a crazy braless woman :)

  4. I was nice and put on a bra. But I got pics of mine. only one left to trick or treat and this is his last year.. sighs..

  5. I love the tree! It looks like one of those egg chairs from the 60's. Very cool! And Skelator is a cutie