Friday, August 17, 2012

Ewww, Ick, Put It Fracken Away

Doing the Friday Dance.  No particular reason, it just makes it one week closer to the birth of my newest grand baby.  

We are going to begin today with something that is truly gross and disgusting.  Shoulder hair.  

Dear Dude At Supercuts When I Was Getting My Hair Done
This picture does not do justice to how fracking gross and disgusting this guys shoulder/back hair was.  I was sitting too far away to snap a picture with my phone, and cropped it to where you can kind of make out how it was.   Good thing she snapped the cape on him because I was about to loose the lunch I hadn't eaten yet.  Dude, please, laser treatment, or a razor, look into it.  

Speaking of my new haircut and color, I went more blond.   This is my new cut
I know right.  I look really, really good.  

But I have carmel blond highlights
Getting the blonding process done
We could so be identical twins.  (tee-hee-hee) I think I am one brave soul even putting my picture underneath Allysa's.  Le sigh

On a very serious note.  Ok, not serious like a heart attack, but serious to me.  Apparently the grocery stores in the State of Utah have a rotten Salesperson in the following category.

Dear Contadina Sales Rep
You are not my friend.  This is the ONLY sweet and sour sauce I will buy.  Our local Harmon's grocery store used to carry it and I would buy bunches of it at a time.  Not so much anymore.  They have stopped carrying it.  

This is a call out to all my blogging buddies out there.  If your neighborhood grocery stores sales this fine, outstanding, make your mouth have a party, sauce, I would be willing to pay you to ship me a case of it.  I have resorted to needing a dealer.  That's right.  I have  reached the lowest of low.  I even went as far as emailing the company that makes it, Del Monte.  They weren't much help.  "We're sorry, no one within a 100 miles of you stocks our product".  I even went on to tell them I was looking for a job, and would surely do a better job of representing their company than the dumbass  sales rep that represents them now.  Ok, I didn't use dumbass, but you get my point.  Anypleasehaveit, if in your shopping adventures, you happen across this, please send me an email.  You would be my hero for life. (dazeedreamer @ hotmail dot com)

Got any gripes today.  Grab my little purple lady and have at it.


  1. You know what, my mom used a certain kind of liners for her dentures and when she could not find them anywhere she ordered them direct from the company shipped to her door. I am surprised they did not offer to do that for you. Ugh I hate back hair like that. Gene's ex wife married a guy that I swear to you was the missing link he had thick black curly hair from his head to I don't even wanna know where. bllweeeeechhh

  2. o.m.g...

    i happen to live about 1.43 miles from DEL MONTE

    i know i've seen the sauce here...i'll double check when i go to the grocery store tomorrow...

    p.s. i'm in mcallen, tx

  3. I think we have it here in NW Washington. I'll keep an eye out. Otherwise I found a site where you can order it by the case but the minimum to order was 17 for $318 plus tax/shipping. ;)

  4. I will look tomorrow. I'm going to another one of the stores here for diced green peppers. I've put a reminder on my phone and it will tell me to PAY ATTENTION SO DAZEE DOESN'T FREAK OUT ANYMORE!!!

  5. Look, you can forget about the rotten sales rep and make your own sauce...

  6. Pretty sure we have it here.. Do you want me to check? Just FB or Skype me if you do.. love ya..

  7. I'm going to search online for you. How did your hair turn out? We need a finished look picture!

  8. That much hair really grosses me out. SOOO nasty. Hey, we need a picture of your finished hair!!

  9. Wow. Cute, cute, cute hair!

    Yours. Not the back hair.

    And look. You can order by the can:

  10. We could be twins now!! Good for you Miss Dazee.

    I don't even want to think about back hair. It gives me nightmares...

  11. Nope. I ain't letting my wife anywhere near here. For she is already bad enough, and she doesn't need any encouragement!