Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Spy - Plants

Well hello there all my little Amoeba's.  Hahahaha, did you get it?  Remember many moons ago learning about them in Science Class.  Oh, you can't well, it kind of goes with  PLANTS which is one of the prompts for this weeks I Spy.  The other is the ever most popular YOUR CHOICE.

I have a little confession to make.  Christy's Mad Mind and my crazy one, have had this little photo meme going for almost a year.  We have had some fun prompts.  We haven't given you hard ones.  I was hoping by now that we would have tons of you linking up every week.  But alas, it hasn't been so.  This hurts my feel-goods.  I, by no means, am a professional photographer.  I just love taking pictures.  We would even take ideas that you would like to do.  We are so easy it's crazy.  So, please, don't make my feel-goods, feel bad.  Join on up, its really fun.
There, my chest is feeling much better.  On with this weeks prompts.
I thought I would show you the difference a year or two makes on the plants that Mr. Dazee has worked lovingly on.  Have I mentioned that man rocks my world.  (hehehe, get it, rocks, in front of the house, ok, shutting up)
(surprise on the day lilies, I think the deer are on vacation this week)


It took me until today to figure out what I was going to do with this weeks prompt.  I know, that's what happens when you have a brain cramp.  I open my front door to go out to snap some photo's, lo and behold, this is what greeted me.
After I hurried and shut the door, calmed down my racing heart and composed myself, I figured he would become my choice.  Loved how he tried to blend into the woodwork.  Yes, he is a he.  I checked.  bwaaa-haaa-haaa

Next Weeks Prompts
Water 8/23/12
Your Choice


  1. Mr. Dazee is awesome! I would let him landscape my yard any time. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the praying mantis. I don't see any of them around here.

  2. Umm can we borrow Mr. Dazee for landscaping. I want that yard and I have nearly 4 acres for him to play with.. Can you imagine what he could do with that much land??? Awww you had a friend.. he is so cute.

  3. Wow your garden looks so good. I'm really impressed. The only thing growing in ours are weeds. :D

  4. Mr. Dazee has done a great job!! Your yard looks awesome!!

  5. Gosh, what a great garden! We have a rock yard in this rental and I'm totally NOT digging it. (get it? get it?)

    My neighbors would have called 911 if I had seen that giant bug! They would be certain from my screams that someone was being murdered.


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