Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh John....**facepalm**

(sorry about the image quality, it's the only one I could find)

Meet John Goulet, weekend weatherman on our local Fox 13 Utah news.  

Yesterday, while my oldest son, Mr Dazee, and myself were watching the morning news, they had a guest on that was talking about how the NASA Rover Curiosity was scheduled to land last night.  The guest mentioned that people could go up to the University of Utah to view it.  

Now, I must put this out here.  Johnny boy drives me a little bit crazy.  He doesn't go into segues very well, and there are many times he shouldn't open his mouth at all.  

Case in point.

The news anchor and John were sitting cozily on the couch having a chat.  They were asking her questions.   Mr, this is why I'm a weatherperson, asks, and I quote,
What the??????  Coffee comes squirting out of my nose.  I am not making this up.  Watch this clip.  It is around the 1.20 mark.  I'll wait...........................................
......................talking amongst myself...............

Oh John, you have outdone yourself this time.  Mr C at age 8 could have told you all about the Rover and how long it takes to get to Mars, and probably the temp there.  I myself, not being the science and knowledgeable person, knew that this was a 9 month flight just to get there.  

If I had been the director that is constantly talking in their ears, he would have been hearing this,
"John, you are a dumb ass."

Maybe weekend weathermen, because usually the weatherwomen aren't so weird, shouldn't be allowed to talk to guests.  

Just sayin.


  1. BWhahahah sure we sent them up there to FRY if they didn't die of starvation on the way up.. good grief..

  2. It's the fake smile...the first sign of a dumb ass. LOL

  3. That would be why he just stands in front of the green screen and looks at the pretty colors...

  4. All I can say is, "WOW!" with my eyes wide open. So funny!

  5. He gives us Gays a bad name.

  6. John probably thinks there are people aboard the Hubble Telescope to change the film everyday.

  7. I wonder if his producer was screaming in his earpiece when he was making a fool of himself?

  8. I was still laughing about that before I even read this. How did he get his job?