Friday, August 24, 2012

What The Frack?

Hey there, what the frack is going on with your bad selves?  Yeah, I'm on a weird one today.  It's all good.
I have figured that whenever Mr. Dazee goes to Home Depot, I just have to go, sit in the car, and what the frack moments will happen.  
Sorry for the blurriness of this photo.  I was in a hurry to catch it, through a dirty window.  
Dear Mother With Baby In Cart At Home Depot
What the freaking frack is wrong with you?  Have you not heard of people kidnapping kids?  Do you not realize that as you were far away grazing gazing at trees, that your little one could have be swiped!!!  I wanted to do it myself to teach you a lesson, but then, the thoughts of prison life didn't sound so good.  Do you see that guy there mom? Oh wait, how could you, you weren't watching.  Good thing he wasn't a bad guy.  I have a good idea.  DON'T LEAVE YOUR BABY BY ITSELF!!!!!  Good hell.  
Dear Makers Of Party Times Neon Cups
What the frack happened here?  What a surprise, when I was pouring milk into above cup and it started shooting all over the counter.  
Methinks there is not supposed to be a big huge ole round hole at the bottom of the cup.  Was someone in the factory being accused of HATING their job?  Better get quality control on this one.

Dear Zynga, Maker of Matching With Friends
How the frack am I supposed to enjoy playing this game with ALL MY FRIENDS, when they can't get it on their android phones/tablets yet???? huh?  Tell me that!!!  This is my newest obsession, but I can't play with at least 2 of my adored friends because it's not available to them YET!!!  Get on the stick Zynga.  The world awaits.  

There you go, my rants of the week.  Please join in the fun. 


  1. OH good lord at the woman with the baby. I would have been screaming at her from my car. Great just what I need another Zynga game to become addicted to. I am already on bubble safari, hidden chronicles, chefville and ruby blast along with bingo slingo and words with friends lol

  2. That mom was dumb. Every day you read about desperate women taking babies and claiming them as their own, or deviant sickos nabbing kids.

    Loved the cup...I'd be so pissed when cleaning up the milk, and I'd send them an email with the photo as an attachment - I bet they send you coupons or a refund. They don't know it's a problem if you don't rat them out.

    I routinely bitch about lousy products and poor customer service now - I've turned into such a cranky bitch.

  3. What the Frack?

    This week, we have two "What The Frack?" that becaome blog posts.

    1) B&N' inability to compromise about having to put in a credit card number when you're using a gift card online. Spent two days on Facebook and three days via their customer servie e-mail not getting a simple question answered: "what if I don't have a credit card, got the gift card as a present and want to buy e-books?"

    2) Getting yelled for not loading the paper into the copier correctly by a supervisor, who said in a nutshell, that next time I load paper into the copier, I should ask for help to have it done properly.

    Both of these became blog posts this week.

  4. holy god,, that mother is an idiot.

  5. Oh, poor baby. Not just the kidnapping, but what if she tried to stand up and fell out of the cart? I can't believe that hole in the cup; how weird! I would send in the photo to the company too.

  6. What the hell is wrong with that woman??? CRAZINESS!

  7. I will never leave my baby alone like that. And that is a sad, sad cup. Poor purple cup didn't hurt nobody nohow.

  8. I managed to only lose two of the four for about 15 minutes, but it wasn't from was at the beach and a theme park. It makes me want to scream when I see that. Being the "controlling" mom that I am, (but am trying to change) I walk over to the child and ask in a very loud voice, "Where's mom?" If no one shows up in a few seconds, I turn and ask again, in my best "projection type" voice! Then, I call an employee over and complain. Yes, bitch I am!

  9. SO scary what can happen to little ones these days! People are clueless is seems.

  10. Irishman thinks I am paranoid for not wanting Lil Duck to be out of my sight while we are in public. This is also the man that never locks his car and frequently "gives" things away because people walk by, see a bow and an unlocked door, and help themselves.

    What do I know though?

  11. The kiddo thing is so prevalent. Oy. In Wyoming...they leave them in their car like a dog. Beat me.

  12. Sadly the incident with the child doesn't surprise me at all. Remember the tot I found all alone in one of the main concourses of the Houston Rodeo?

    The glass was pretty funny though. Good think you weren't drinking red wine.