Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Spy - Heat

This is the last week of August, right?  Honestly, the temps here are not cooperating with the time of the year.  We have been in the upper 90's all week, and even broke records the other day.  
Speaking of HEAT, that is our prompt for this week's I Spy.  (haha, didn't you love my segue right into that, yeah, I should be a TV host).  The other is our ever popular Your Choice.    Now, get on cracking and join in with Christy's Mad Mind and myself.  We don't bite.  (only our food, hahaha, I'm killing myself here, hahahaha)
We have a Hummingbird Feeder out on our patio.  Lately they have been getting together as a group in the mornings, just hanging out on their little perches, talking and enjoying the food.  Speaking of their food, it was time to make another batch of it today.  Grabbed my ingredients, 1-1/2 cups of sugar (yeah, they're not worried about their weight), water, stir it all together, drop in some red food coloring, and voila.  Heat it up on the stove. 
This is just when it is starting to heat up.

Get it going to a good hard boil
Cool it down, put in their restaurant feeder, and call them all to dinner.


On one of our weekend dates  jaunts, we stopped at Lowe's for some spider killer.  Well, it is that time of year.  Unless you like creepy crawly icky things in your house.  Me, not so much.

It was by the bird feeders, that I found the cutest regular bird feeder ever.  I mean, just look at it.  So, so, cute.  But alas, with all the high winds we get at our house, the bird seed would never stay in the feeder.  Dang that Mr. Dazee and his voice of reason!
But, I can dream, can't I?
Time for you to show us what you got!
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  1. That bird feeder is too cute.. It would match my porch swing..

  2. I love that 1st pic, the texture in it or something... it's awesome. The boiling one isn't bad either:-) The bird feeder however is too cute for words, I just want to sit on it.... oh wait... it would break then & that wouldn't be good at all!

  3. I always wondered who to make humming bird feeder juice. Now is that the kids version? If you want adult humming birds, are you suppose to add gin after it cools? OH that would be great,, drunken humming birds.. That's what I call entertainment.

    My favorite picture is the one with it boiling. That is sooooo cool..

  4. Overachiever! I buy mine already made. But the homemade recipe seems easy enough. (But this does involve me using the (gasp) stove!)

    Great pics. We have a silk mimosa tree and it draws hummingbirds like crazy. They're so beautiful.

  5. That bird feeder is so cute!! Why do men have to be so practical??

  6. Please take photos when the hummingbirds come! I can't wait for those. And you're one of very few people who would post a photo of that very gross item left in the road by the curb. Yuck!!!