Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fabulous Fifties

Jenny Matlock

Saturday Centus time.  I'm kind of really liking the assignment  Jenny is having a Tangent About.

As all fine teachers go, they give us a subject that really makes us think.  She thought she could stiffle my creative flow this week, but oh, she was wrong.

The assignment this week is to write an autobiography about ourselves.  
But, and it's a huge ole but


You read that right.

6 whole words.


My 50's.  Oh what a change!


  1. I rather like that word stiffle...was it Archie Bunker who loved using that word about poor dear Edith.....oh yeah.... I so happy Jenny didn't stiffle you...cuz this is great...such a mystical photo....fluttering our way too!

  2. Yep...succinct and perfect! Being 50 myself I can definitely relate!

  3. Things started getting really good in my 40s, but once I hit my 50s I really got dangerous. Yep. The years of taking any crap from anyone got kicked to the curb big time. Good times!

  4. Really??? Wait until you get to be MY age!! I would love to be 50 again!!

  5. Well, yes... there is that aspect of life...

    No matter how you write this, with only six words, you are going to have to leave a lot out.

    I'm sure your life has much more content than just this.

    Anyway. Thank you so much for visitng my SC-post.

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:

    Anna's life in six words for SC wk 94
    Take a look at last week's too:
    'Cissi and Cassy'-Anna's SC wk 93

  6. Me too Judie.

    You just need to live it and love it. That's the way to make it through.~Ames

  7. So any more tats going to appear in the near future? ;)

  8. It's a good change, right? I sure hope so. Nicely done. I feel your mixed emotion about the fifth decade.

  9. Bravo! This could be mine, too!

    The 50's are definitely not for sissies!

    Thanks for sharing it. It was perfect!