Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's The Fracken Truth

 The week is drawing to an end.  You know what that means.  
It's time to get our frack on.  Do it, do it.

Dear Little Caesars

Ummm, I know that I have a sick and wrong mind, but really, you should not be having women out being a billboard for you, announcing to the world that they are "hot and ready".  It makes me fracken giggle. 

Dear Life Insurance Dudes 
We just want a fracken QUOTE.  Why are you so pushy.  Little secret.  If you are the lowest price for the best package, you will become our agent.  If you get pushy and want us to sign on the dotted line right the hell now, you have another thing coming.  Go away.

Dear Men Who Have A Problem With Little Teeny Tiny Toe Tattoos
Its your wife's fracken body.  It's a little tiny tattoo.  You want to divorce her because she got it even tho you hate tattoos?  Get over it dude.  It's her body.  By you forcing her to get it lasered off, is a sign of your insecurities, or should I say, ABUSE, of her body.  Guess what.  GET THE FRACK OVER IT.  Your mental abuse needs to come to an end.

Whew, I think I needed to get that one out of my system.

Now its your turn.


  1. I love the sign. Only you would think of that. LOL! Insurance salesman are just jerks anyway. And the guy who wants to have his wife laser it off? I mean come on!

  2. Ok. So the 1st picture, well I thought it was a guy-my eyes are getting bad. And so my first thought was,...what exactly is he holding that sign UP with. Then I thought the person had to pee and.....oh-just shut up middlechild!
    The guy and the tattoo? The response would be, "Of course I will have it lasered off. But first we'll laser off your dick!

  3. I would really hate to have the job of holding up a sign that says Hot -n- Ready!

  4. I love that toe tattoo, makes me want to get another one after I promised myself not to.

  5. Hubs had a fit when I got my last tattoo. I remember telling him that he was supposed to love me for what was on the inside not out and I didn't give a damn what any one else thought because the tats made me feel good about myself. He shut up. lol.

  6. Ok I love the toe tattoo and I WISH my husband would tell me to get rid of something like that.. oh wait he likes his balls where they are. ahem.. Oh our Little Ceasars guys are not that lazy they spin the sign and flip it and all kinds of cool stuff.

  7. I don't understand those walking billboard people. They make me sad.
    Also I'm on the market for another tattoo only it'll go along the length of my side. Just a tad bigger than a dime ;)