Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So I'm Feeling Like An Alien Today

Is it just me, or some days does it feel like you aren't the real you.  You are flying above the earth, just watching what is going on.

No, I haven't been drinking, doing drugs, or taking Nyquil.  

First of all, I was cleaning my toilet bowl
(Not me nor my toilet bowl)

I know, ick

And the darn brush decided that it wanted to be two different pieces.  I thought that was just dang nice of it.  Other than the fact that it decided to do this after I flushed, then I was all afraid that the brush was going to try to go down the drain, and then Mr. Dazee would have been mega mad because I would make him come in and clean up the mess.  What?  You don't do that.  It's kind of like when you see a spider when you are all alone and you kill the sucker, but if there is a man around, "help, poor little me, I can't stomach getting it".  

I know you have just lost some awe in me.  Sometimes I just want to be a girl.

And furthermore, I'm not sticking my hand, IN TOILET WATER, to reach a brush that has just cleaned ick off of the bowl.  But you would have been so proud of the fact that I held on to that little fracker with the other part until it wouldn't go down the drain.  

Flitting on....

I've also been watching the news since Sunday about Josh Powell killing his kids and himself.  I have been sickened by everything he has done, FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS.  I shouldn't let it bother me as much as it does.  I don't have a cold heart, but I truly hope that he is not in a nice place.

Sidebar:  Unless you have wronged me in some way, then I have no love for you, and that includes you, El Fatto Matto.

I think this is why I'm feeling alienlike today.  Trying to rationalize how a coward, can take an axe to his kids necks, and then start a fire.  

More flitting

That and I've been playing 18 different games of Words With Friends.  
I tried to stay away.
I really did.

Does anyone know the number for WWFA
(words with friends anonymous)

And don't even get me started on my Pinterest addiction


  1. But you keep starting new games with me and I can't resist!

    I don't even want to speak that "person's" name.

  2. Wait you two have words with friends. God save me!! I want in!!!!

    And I must know what color alien all you, are you kin to the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater? This is a must know thing for me.

    As for as the creep that killed his kids, this is why I don't watch the news and stay far away from any news sites. I am happy being blissfully ignorant and unaware.

    And Pinterest...oh's my new crack.