Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ok, You Fracking Won

Oh, the joys of What the Frack.   It helps somewhat to get things out of my system.    You too can have this joy, if you just link up your little rants.  I want to know that everyone has things that bug them like they bug me.  

Dear Fracken Captcha Codes 
I dislike you to the point of almost hate.  I didn't like them on blogs that made me type stupid words that didn't mean anything, but the new way of doing captcha on blogger comments.  I HATE!!!  I can't read small print that well anyway, but then you go and add fracking stupid lettering and such, I'm losing my mind.  I might have to stop commenting on the sites that are using this because by the time I've tried a million times to get the damn letters right, I just want to hurt people.  Please, please, please, if you are afraid of icky comments, just make it so you have to approve the comment.  I love comments and like to comment, but not if I'm going to be in a bad mood and can't remember what was even said on your blog.  

Dear Dude Going Fast Through The Doctors Office Parking Lot
Do you see that?  That is called a crosswalk.  That means, if there are people using said crosswalk, you better fracking slow down.  Yeah, I'm talking to you whoever was driving that car super fast as I was barely getting through the crosswalk on my way into the doctors office.  I understand that if you would have hit me, there were medical people around that could have helped.  But if you hit me even a smidge, I would have not have been very nice to you at all.  So, in the future.  Slow the frack down!!!!!!

Dear El Fatto Matto and Toad Fracker

You have finally done it.  I surrender.  I've tried to put on a happy face.  I've tried to not let you two bring me the frack down.  But this has been a bad week for me.  I'm in a dark place right now about how Toad Fracker  could even be involved in this.  Oh I don't have proof, but I know without a shadow of doubt that you were part of the downfall of Dazee.    But the worst, is you,  El Fatto Matto.  You bought into his slanderous ways.   I'm trying to pull myself out of a dark place.  I have good people around me that are helping.  Just remember, the both of you, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.  It might not be in my lifetime, but IT WILL HAPPEN.  I'm so glad that both of you are so perfect.   Just remember, I'm down, but not out for the count, and do know where some of the bodies are buried.  

Ok, I think that is enough for this week.  Now it's your turn.  


  1. I can't see those captcha phrases! Know how many times I have to repeat them? do people get that much spam. There are widgets for that!!!

  2. Captcha sucks and please let me know if my blog has decided to do that on my posts. See, my computer does whatever the hell it wants and since I apparently have no control......

  3. Hate those codes I have to type in. It takes me forever to get them right. And when I feel like I'm just typing the wrong letters, it gets approved! What the hell?
    Why don't people remove them? It's possible you know!

  4. I hate the captcha!!! I can't say that loud enough!!! And you know how I LOVE other drivers. NOT!!!

    I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now. I know it gets tough. I'm here!

  5. I so, so loved your rant on the captcha words! Weren't the single words enough?? I hate those, too. Big time.

  6. Sweetie hit the little speaker thing next to the captchas it will READ the letters out to you one by one.
    FYI Crosswalks in areas like that are protected by LAW meaning they are required to stop and allow people walking to cross, if he were to hit you while in a well defined crosswalk he could and would go to jail. Just so ya know.
    Take em out mamma and if you need me I am only a phone call away.

  7. I bitched and moaned at my place too. We must be in sync.

    Bitch on young one. I totally understand.

  8. Oh I hope my blog doesn't do that; how can you tell on your own blog? Have you seen the movie Larry Crowne? I think wonderful things are coming your way.

  9. I had perfectly fine eyesight until Blogger started that captcha nonsense!

  10. Bwhahahaha!

    Captcha is the devil. It should be abolished!