Thursday, February 9, 2012

What The Frack - Men Moments

Before I get started today, I just want to let you know that I don't hate men.  This week just had a lot of "men" moments that we will be talking about.  

Join along with getting the fracks out.  It really does make a person feel better. 

Shall we begin?

Dear Out Of State Driver
First of all, it's called "road construction".  Second, yes, the speed limit is slower, but not as slow as you were going.  Not only that, but I saw you doing the classic, "looking down while texting thing".  Get the frack out of my way!

Dear Jacked Up Pick Up Truck Dude
Really?  Do I sense a little bit of the fracken "small man syndrome".  

Dear Dude Behind Me Coming Out Of The Post Office
I realize that you got out of your car a smidge slower than I did.  I also realize that you were behind me going through the door.  I only went inside because I was sending away my Federal Tax Return.  Oops, did you have something fracken important to mail too?  I'm sorry.  My bad.  That means, I was again in front of you going out the door. 
What I didn't fracken think was cool?
You belching behind me as you walked out!!!  No, not the small little, oops, I'm sorry type of burp, the all out war of all war BELCH.  
According to Mr. Dazee.  Some very uncouth boys men will belch loudly if they think you have beaten them at something.  
Well la-de-da.  I'm so NOT impressed.

Dear Suburban In front Of Me

This just fracken cracked me up.  You are safe

Dear Owner Of This Fine Car
I noticed you as we were getting off the freeway.  You pulled away much to fast for me to get a photo of the front of your car.  Thank goodness we had to stop at the next light.
My fellow bloggonians.  
What you see are all sizes of paint lids.  Stuck to the sides AND THE HOOD, of this car.  I really wish I would have been able to get a photo of the hood.  It was terrible, awful.  (said in my best Minnie voice from The Help)  I'm really thinking they are saving up to cover the whole car.  The scary thing is, there is a website stated on the bumper.  I couldn't read it, but wow.  

There we go.  Another fun filled week.  Can't wait to see what the next one brings.

Now, get your frack on and come link up.  


  1. Okay, what does it say about a girl who thinks that jacked up truck is awesome? I don't care about the man inside the thing. I just want the truck. And I used to drive a Suburban like that only no dents.

    Nice list!

  2. If you think that car is bad you should see the weird candy/food logo car group in this area. I don't get it at all but for some reason there is a certain group that thinks its cool to paint their cars to look like a Hershey Candy bar, M&M, Butterfinger, some sort of coffee...

    Oh and there is this blue Cadillac all pimped out INCLUDING a disco light that hangs in the middle of the car.

    Jacked up trucks like that are a dime a dozen here...that's what I get for living in redneck ville USA. UGH!

    Love this list and I'll be linking up tomorrow when I can keep my eyes open long enough to actually write.

  3. Love the paint lids!!!

    Sorry, but hey I'm a man, what do you expect.

    Now where's my ruler?

  4. I gotta try belching thing. I didn't know "we" did that!
    And I can't see what's on that red Suburban. Help!!!!

  5. The cars that bug me are the ones with the ads on the sides. Like for stores and stuff. They just look tacky.

  6. I would have pulled a Jersey Girl on the guy who belched out loud behind you. That is just plain rude and gross. Love your Fracks!

  7. Yeah I would have totally shamed belching guy right smack in the middle of public. Umm yeah jacked up trucks here everywhere and trust when I say they do NOT in all situations mean small man syndrome.. ahem.. umm yeah.

  8. Wow.

    Haven't seen a jacked up Tonka truck in quite some time.

    Good correlation though: the taller the truck, the shorter the person.

  9. Oh, I need to get out more! I haven't seen the paint lid car around, assuming (looking @ mountains in pic#1, utah county?) we are from the same area. Love the jacked up trucks, just not the big stacks in the back of them & hate the BLACK smoke that comes with them. We have a PINK bug that is painted like a baseball around here.
    Glad I found your place! will be back more!