Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Spy - Road(s)


I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for an important date.  haha, not really.  But you might be if you don't join in the fun with Crazy Mind Christy and the ever crazier Dazee.

Big fast-talking rules.
Rememberthatyoucanuseanykindofcamera, big breath, andyoujusthavetofollowtherules, big breath,
Usetheonepromptthatchangesweekly, bigger breath,

This weeks prompts

Your Choice

Busy Road

Mountain Road

Road in Idaho 

This is the mountain behind us that was on fire a year and a half ago

These are the roads the tractors made so if there is another fire they will have to jump the road to continue down

My Choice

This is Miss O.  She never holds still.  Too much going on for her to stop.  I asked her the other day when she was here, if she would stop long enough for me to get a photo.  
Of course, she had to pull a face.
Love that girl.

Next weeks prompts

Shadow(s)  2/16/12
Your Choice

Please join in the fun.  We love to see what you've got.

Future Prompts

Frozen 2/23/12
Under 3/1/12
What is it? 3/8/12
Color(s) 3/15/12


  1. I love your mountain roads. I'm sooooooooo jealous! Maybe one day soon. The fire had to be scary. I remember smelling the smoke from them when we lived in Colorado and it was way to close. I can't imagine how you all were doing with that one.

    Anyway, I have the same problem with grandkids. They never want to hold still.

    Love the whole set this week!

  2. Awesome! I love them all. Now on the artist side of me...good job on the signs being unreadable in your busy road pic. My mind is going bizerk trying to figure it out. It gave me anxiety bc of the traffic, too. Now the mountain road...ah..relaxing. And the divine Miss O. Wonderful! Superfantabulous!

  3. I remember the roads in Idaho: cars spinning around on the icy roads; people slipping and falling on their way to school -- backpacks and books flying through the air. Fun memories :0

  4. I think I want the road in Idaho. I need a road.

  5. Oh wow, those views!! AMAZING! I love the road shots, absolutely amazing.

    And she is such a doll. I love her funny face and pose. My kids never stay still (or stop talking) either.

  6. OHh I think I might link up today.. I have a new camera and tons of pics lol..

  7. That fire photo is kinda scary!! I have a healthy respect for fire and I'd hate knowing it was that close to my home (or maybe it isn't as close as it seems)!

    Fun snowy road, too. :)

  8. Is your tv still on pause with your boyfriend's shower scene?

  9. You are so lucky to have mountains nearby. I live in the flatlands.:(