Saturday, February 11, 2012

Field Trip - Tree Houses

Considering the fact that you have all been so cooped up in your wintery worlds (well, some of you are enjoying summer, but you can come too), I have planned a fun filled field trip.

Please stand in line with your line buddy, and have those permission slips ready.

At our first stop we have this enchanting castle inspired look.  I can just see Rapunzel letting down her long hair

Down this next street, we see a quaint little oriental look.  Is that Mulan that I see

I hear fighting in the back of the bus.  Please keep your hands to yourselves.

For our next neighborhood we have a couple that are individual tree house rooms for your trip to the country. 

For a romantic getaway.  Cozy room, nice cup of beverage of your choice, and the one you love.  Could it get any better.

If you are all good, we will stop for our lunch and let you play in the next two.

Before we head back to the school, we are going to see a couple that are for the cats in your life. 

Those are all kinds of cute.

Time to unload you unruly children.  

Please turn in your ideas for our next field trip.


  1. Those are too cool! Makes me want to build one!

  2. I would love to stay in one of these. Any one, minus the steps! So cool. Thanks for the fun field trip! I'll try to behave better on the bus next time.

  3. I love the first one and the fourth one. Those are awesome!

  4. I love that first one.. love love love it..

  5. Those are awesome! And I want the spiral one with a cup of iced coffee, a good book and no one but me there.

    Let's see next field trip lets see some underground homes!

  6. I loved those! What lucky kids whom those belong to!!

  7. Man I want a tree I can build something like that in in the first place. You would never find me cause I would be hiding in it every day.

  8. Ooh, I want cat thingy number two--for my cat, I mean, although I must say that I might enjoy it too if it was a good bit bigger.

  9. OMG!great..! thats my dream it...

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  10. I desperately wanted a tree house since I was a little girl and used to watch Tarzan movies on Saturday morning. Sadly, these days I probably wouldn't have one unless it had an elevator.

  11. Ahhh...I remember making a tree house with my friends when i was younger...I pictured our house to look like one of these, when in reality it looked like what it looked like.
    Pizza boxes, rope, old tarp...and a death trap.

  12. Very cool. I like the cat ones best, obviously.

  13. TAG! You are it...go check out my blog for your assignments. =)

    Happy Valentines Day

  14. Those are wonderful! I'd live in any one of them. Thanks for sharing them with us. Now I have to go potty and it's time for my snack. ;)