Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Spy - Shadow


Once upon a time, in two different States far away from each other, were two bloggers.  One was known and Christy with Her Crazy Mind, and Dazee, who has Crazy Daze & Nites.  These two became good friends who shared a passion for taking photos.  They were texting one day, and said the ever fateful words, "we should do a photo blog hop", and so it was done.

Week after week, they would give out 2 prompts.  One was a different item, that would change every week.  The other was always the bloggers choice.  It was the easiest blog hop of all the land.  

The first prompt this week is


If you look closely, you will see my shadow as I took this photo of the snow from my car window.

The second prompt is


I went to Ikea the other day with my friend.  We decided to start out by getting some Swedish meatballs in their cafe, which is on the second floor.  We grabbed a table by the window.    The sky was overcast that day so it was already quite gray.  I looked out the window and even the parking lot was full of dull colored cars.  All except one little Volkswagen Bug.  Not only did it stick out for its color, but it was so small compared to those around.   

Without further ado, here are the prompts for next week.


And they all lived happily ever after


Future Prompts

Under 3/1/12
What is it? 3/8/12
Color(s) 3/15/12
Junk 3/22/12


  1. Love the photos today and they are not dumb!!!!

    Thanks for hosting


  2. I absolutely love your shadow shot. That is awesome. I can never get them to turn out like that. And the flash of color is great!

  3. I love the combination of shadow and reflection! I hadn't even noticed you in the top shot until you mentioned it. Well done!

  4. OH OH OH I got the perfect one for this.. Love the little bug it is a splash of happiness in the middle of a grey day isn't it

  5. How adorable is that little yellow VW and perfectly placed to make this a great picture. You caught it just right. Nice job.

  6. That is my be the yellow bug in a sea of gray! I love the bright pop and also the thought of people punching each other and yelling "SLUG BUG YELLOW" whenever I'm spied :O)

  7. oh I miss my wee car.
    I didn't have a bug.
    I had a ford focus hatchback.
    And it was yellow.
    Don't judge me.

  8. I love the second shot of all the grey cars and then that one yellow one. Reminds me of,! :D

    I'm away from home at the moment so I can't join in, but hopefully next week I'll be up and running again. :)