Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And Then I Peed My Pants

Not really, but I almost did.

Mr. Dazee has a very dry sense of humor.  Some people don't get it, but people like him that have that type of humor crack me up.  Because of growing up with it, my kids always had the advantage in school if they had a teacher with that humor.  They would be laughing their butts off while other kids were looking around saying, "what's so funny".  Anyway, I bloggress.  (Thanks for that word Joey)

We had a man in one of the cities here in Utah that was being an Immigration Cop Impersonator.  He watched this person supposedly run a stop sign and started following him.  He was making it his business to profile people that "weren't like him" and basically making people's lives miserable.  He got arrested and went to court.  He told the judge that he was scared of this BYU student.  Mr. Dazee just had to make a comment in the comment section.  I swear, he should have a blog.  

Here is what he wrote

Vreeland to Judge: I was so scared of this terrifying man that after I ran 2 stop lights and 21 stop signs to catch him, I almost shot myself to death!! ......then, just when I realized I was even MORE terrorized I ordered him to stand on the curb..........but my fear arose to an unimaginable level so I ordered him to drop his drawers and do the Hokie-Pokie until I calmed down alittle............and i'm STILL having really BAD nightmares about this scary man you're honor.....If you don't mind you're honor, i'd like to ask the court for some monetary damages and any other costs that the Court feels are just.

Vreeland had a gun in his car with him, just so you understand that part of the comment. This dude only got sentenced to 4 days in jail, and he has to take some weird class and do some community service.  Poor guy, got his hands slapped.  

In other fun and exciting news.

This is my grandkid tattoo.  I was told this past weekend that I was going to have to get another butterfly.  YEE-HAW.  I'm so excited.  I've been having the grandbaby craving for awhile and wasn't thinking it would happen.  Two of my kids are done having kids, and my youngest son was the guy that always said, "I'm never getting married",  then he did, followed by, "We're never having kids".  Uh huh.  Never say never.

See, I told you I almost peed my pants.  You shouldn't be jumping up and down when your bladder is full.  Just sayin.


  1. Your hubby is funny! I'm so excited for your new grandbaby!!!

  2. OMG your husband is great! I love the hokey pokey part. I can't believe that guy only got 4 days. *sigh*

    And again congrats on the new grandbaby!

    I have learned that doing anything while ones bladder is full can be very hazardous to ones street credit.

  3. I love your husband. I so get that. And the older we get the more likely it is that we are going to pee our pants. Get used to it!

  4. So glad you didn't pee in your pants. :D

    Love the tattoo!

  5. Running stop signs is just up my alley and bassackwards reasoning like that? Perfection! *snicker*

    Congrats on the babies and new ink prospects. I've been jonesn for new ink....

  6. Again congrats on the new addition coming soon, one would think your son knows better then to say NEVER lol. Your hubby definitely needs a blog.

  7. Did they actually publish his comment? Hilarious.
    And congrats on the new baby!!! YAY!!

  8. You're husband is awesome.
    Congrats! If Jex and I ever have spawn... well I may have to take a restraining order out on my mohter-in-law.