Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some People Are Wack

Welcome to this weeks rants on What The Frack???  If you have some ranting to get off your chest, please make sure you link up so we can all give you some support.  

This week you will all be honored to witness the wonderful drawings of the one, the only, Dazee Dreamer.  Stop your laughing.  It hurts my feelbads.  Because I can't just be mean and ask some weirdo's people if I can take their photograph, I had to draw out what I am going to talk about so you can envision them yourselves.  

Are you ready?

Dear Front Desk Lady At My Doctors Office,
You scare me.  You and your bleached blond hair.  But the scariest part is your dracula black eyebrows.  Not a good look.  Please fracken bleach them too.   Good thing you aren't in a Pediatricians office.  You would be scaring little kids.

Dear Deli Lady At Smith Grocery Store (Kroger),
What the frack are you thinking?  You have the scariest eyeliner E.V.E.R.  Really, who told you this was a good look?  Whoever it was, is not your friend.  Please, You scare me too.  

Dear Dude In Front Of Us In The Check Out Line At Smiths,
I get it.  Cokes were on sale.  We bought our four 12 packs too.  But when you just stood there waiting for the cashier to load your basket back up with them, I wanted to scratch your eyes out.  Honestly, what a fracker you were.  "I'll just stand here like a stupid guy, while you load them on, because I had to load them in my basket in the first place".  
Booo-Fracken-Hooo buddy.  Get over yourself.

Dear Group Of Guys In Line At Cafe Rio,
Ok, first of all, I so wish I would have had this photo yesterday to put on my I SPY - JUNK.  Because, well, you get the picture.  aahh-hmmm.  Getting back to the dudes.  There is nothing worse than standing in line and people not moving forward.  It drives me fracking nutsoide.  There was enough room there for all 4 of them to move.  But no, they just stood there being the creeps that they were and made the line not move.  Move it or loose it.

I think I have ranted enough for this week.  But never fear, I will return next week.  

Now, be dears and link up.  It would put a big ole smile on my face.


  1. LOL!!! Those women must not have any mirrors in their houses. How can you not see that?

    And I love the last one! I see people do that all the time. And it's annoying. I also love the word "nutsoid". I may have to use that one.

  2. Nice, I posted my own makeup peeve too!

  3. Ahhhh... your pictures were awesome! I could so easily visualize the people you were talking about!

  4. Someone sounds in a bad mood! :D

    Ok I've linked up mainly because I wasn't allowed to eat in a posh restaurant! Like my money isn't as good as the guy wearing his Armani suit.

  5. OMG Love the blonde with the black eyebrows. I work with someone like that and it makes it so freaking hard not to STARE at her when she is chatting away.

    And I too cant stand the line thing. Hubby laughs at me and think Im odd, but apparently not... or you are just odd too! LOL

  6. This was your best Frackin Friday yet!
    I "had" a friend who, although very capable, would make the cashier reload his cart while he went over and sat down. I was so embarrassed shopping with him.

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