Thursday, March 8, 2012

What The Frack Jack!!!

It is our fracking day
To spell out all our gripes
And earn a few more stripes
(it rhymed, ok)

Do you see my face?  Do you see the pleading in my eyes for you to link up with all your gripes of the week?  You know you want to.  You don't even have to use my little old purple haired lady.  Just link yourself up at the end and we can all have a collective, ahhh, I feel better moment.  What do you say?

It has actually been a pretty ok week for me.  I know, wipe that look of surprise off of your faces.   I got a lot of my built up vents out last Friday.  Even tho, I would like to say once again, to the small towned, small minded, piece of shit garbage, frack you.  Ok.  All better now.

Dear Circus Animal Cookies,

What the frack kind of drugs do you put in these babies?  I swear, first of all they jumped into my grocery cart (or trolley as some of you call them).  Then, every once in a while, they end up on a paper towel, sitting next to my computer, looking at me with their little sparkles, begging to be put out of their misery.   Drugs I tell ya, drugs.

Dear Designers Of Algebra,
What the freakingly frack dudes!  I remember many, many moons ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth, ok, HIGH SCHOOL, was the first time I was introduced to Algebra and knew right then and there I had gone to hell.  And don't even get me started on story problems.  But, ah hum,  back to Algebra.  Miss L's mother informed me the other day, that she is now learning Algebra, and she is in THE 4TH GRADE.  The 4th fracking grade people!!!!!  I started to sweat, and shake and crying.  I could hear my dad in my head, "math is so easy, just think of it as a game".  Yeah, ok, Dad, I'm not really into playing this kind of sick and wrong game.   Don't give me the Y's and X's = XYZ.  Give me basic freaking math.  Do I use Algebra when I go to the grocery store.  NO!!!  I need 2 cans at 50 cents.  That equals one dollar.  A game.  Not so much.  But 4th grade?  Whatever happened to just plain ole let the kid be a kid for a while.  Hell, by the time she gets to High School, she will be in some high falooting math that she will NEVER IN HER LIFETIME USE.  

Hey, look, there are some men here with a really cool looking white jacket for me.  They must have been informed that I was going off on the math thing again.  
I wonder if they have that same jacket in purple?


  1. Okay let me give you the first thing I figured out about Algebra. It teaches you to think logically. Yes, I asked my instructor why I had to take it. He laughed. And you should have put the cookies back for crying out loud. You let them run away from home and kidnapped them. Shame on you! :)

  2. Confession: I am addicted to animal cookies.
    I do not enjoy the frosted variety though. Kills the mood ;)

  3. We call them Crack cookies at our house! And, at least you use a paper towel! Some of us are so impulsive, we just grab a handful, or the whole box, and set them on top of the bills we don't want to open. Then, we get those little sprinkles in the spaces on the keyboard,

    It was geometry for me. My Algebra teacher made it fun. We made pictures out of equations (sp?). No, I have never used it, either.

  4. I think those animal cookies are strange. The frosting is not anything you would want on anything else but them, leaving a waxy thick feeling on your tongue. Yet you cannot stay away from them.. Yeah algebra stuff gets mixed in with normal stuff younger now. The thought process is if they mingle it with the other stuff when they get to the nitty gritty algebra it won't seem so difficult.

  5. Those cookies are crack, I tell ya!

  6. Gah! I'm with you on the Algebra train, I just can't get my mind around it. At least in Geometry the letters meant something.
    4th Grade?! Holy Crap!!! I do believe that I was doing long division, decimals, graphs and percentages that year.

  7. Good thing she rocks at math, thanks to her dad! Although I'm re-learning Algebra right now, and I'm actually really liking it. Never thought I would say that!! Now if I could just pass statistics...I'm sure L might take that before I do. :)
    And yes, I used to work somewhere where math was used all.the.time. Some professions at least...

  8. Thank god for google, 'cause I have to use it very often when helping my daughter with her homework. She's in fifth grade and has been doing algebra for WAY too long for my small mind to comprehend.