Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten - Hunger Games

I've decided to combine a bunch of the questions, because frankly, I don't think you should have to wait each day for another question.  Plus, I'm getting soooooo many comments, (1) that I can't keep them straight.

Day 5: Your favorite fight/battle scene
Honestly, I can not pick one fight/battle scene that would be a favorite.  They are all disgusting, but grab you in.

Day 6: A scene that made you laugh
I would have to say, when Katniss and Peeta are standing back to back, and Katniss holds out her hand with the poison berry.  I laughed so hard when they called the games because they didn't want her to die, and they announce both of them the winners. (oops, I hope I didn't ruin it for anyone)

Day 7: A scene that made you cry
Only one.  I'm sure there will be other questions that will address this.  So, with that I pick the scene when Rue is dying and Katniss is singing to her.

Day 8: The character you are most like
Wow, this is a hard one.  I would have to say Peeta.  He doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he will do it for those he loves.

Day 9: Your favorite quote

Day 10: Peeta or Gale
Definitely Peeta.  

I'll be back tomorrow with more questions and answers

And there is only
18 Days, 5 hours, 46 Minutes and 30 Seconds from the time I push publish till the movie comes out.  :)


  1. I just started reading the Hunger Games actually. I'm on chapter 3 and already want to kill a lot of characters. I'm sure there will me more... with the kind of frustration it's garnering from me so early in the book I won't be surprised if I fling it across the room at least once or twice.

    Hey, I was told the 2nd book wasn't so great and not to even bother with the 3rd, what do you think?

  2. Day 5: When she drops the beehive on top The Careers.

    Day 6: Whenever Effie would wake her up by saying it was going to be a great day! Ok, so it was a 'yeah right' sort of laugh. :)

    Day 7: I'm with you on when she sings to Rue. TEARS!!

    Day 8: Katniss, a fighter who keeps her promises.

    Day 9: "You’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug." -Haymitch

    Day 10: Team Peeta! Although I understood where Katniss was coming from in the first book.