Saturday, March 10, 2012

Now How Did We Get Here?

Sleeping for me has become a never ending story of movies of the last 35 years at the 2 places of employment that I had in all that time.

I'm still trying to comprehend what my subconscious is trying to tell me in the latest of the series.  

I am back working for the company before this last one.  One of the girls I worked with there, we'll call her K, and myself were going to a business meeting in another State.  I handed her her plane ticket and told her I would meet her at the airport.  We arrive and load the plane, only to be diverted while in the air to some remote place of a 2nd world country.  While we are flying there, she leans over and tells me that she is the one that has made the pilots divert us to there.

The next scene, her and I are in some of her cohorts house.  I am scared to death.  I sit on the couch as she discusses things with a rangy looking guy.  All of the sudden she is running out the door, yelling at me to come with her.  We head down the street into a shop, where she buys an outfit kind of like this
For the whopping price of $1.50.  
And yes, she was a skinny as those girls.  

We head back to the place we were staying and she puts on her outfit and tells me to go put on something sexy.  (hahahah, me sexy, as if)

I go into a room where there is a girl, I'm assuming the sister of the guy with K.  The bedroom is huge, with 2 queen size beds in it.  

(sidebar:  I am really uncomfortable undressing in front of anyone.  Takes me back to gym in Junior High)

I start taking off my top and the girl starts staring at my boobage and telling me how voluptuous I am.  (stop snickering)  I hurry and throw on something that K will not be ashamed to see me in.  While I finish dressing and try to stay away from the weird sister, I notice the other bed.  I ask her if she shares a room with someone and she tells me that she shares the room with her parents.  Ick, Yuk.  I look over to the other bed and smack dab on top of the bed is an above ground coffin that looked kind of like this

Needless to say, I get the freak out of the room in a hurry.

K and I get on a moped type scooter and head to a place where she can sell her wares.  (if you catch my drift).   The place is closed and she gets so mad, she starts yelling.  Then she pulls me across the street to where there are houses.  She stops at one house, and they invite us in  She hooks up with a younger guy and they go roller skating, leaving me there all alone.  I start freaking out.  There is a small child that comes and sits by me, and tries to make me feel better.  I have my cell phone with me.  I know that I need to call Mr. Dazee, but all I can remember hearing about is how much out of country phone calls cost, and knowing that we can't afford it, I think long and hard before dialing our number.

I get him on the phone and tell him I am so scared and for him please to find me.  He promises me that he will.  

And then I woke up.  Extremely happy that it was all just a dream.  

But what does it mean.


  1. I have no idea what your dream means or any of mine for that matter, but I love that you can remember yours in such vivid detail. The coffin and the weird sister are pretty creepy. Actually, the fashion is the scariest part. ;) Could you have eaten grape Jell-O before bedtime?

  2. That the girl who got you on the plane is the one that got you fired. At least that's my version. The rest of the dream is just how deeply involved she really is. Yes, I'm going with that.

  3. Ummm I got nothing.. but Wow what a dream.. and I want that figure..

  4. Whoa got those dresses for a buck 50??

  5. Could you be worrying about where things are going for you in life? I guess we all do that but maybe you are worried about getting somewhere? Job, more money, trip? Just thinking outloud. Either way, it was certainly an adventure.

  6. Stop eating that late-nite snack before you go to bed, especially the sugar coated one!