Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Spy - Junk

Oh hi.  Sorry, I was just off in la-la land thinking about stuff.  I'm sure you all have been looking forward to another fun filled week of awesome photo's.  I know that Christy's Mad Mind and my general craziness have.  

Rules:  We give you two prompts.  This weeks are JUNK and YOUR CHOICE.  Oh wait, Your choice is the same one every week.  No, not the same photo, you nuttbutts, but your choice of whatever you want to share.  You can use any type of camera, fix the photo anyway you want.  We just want you to join up.  It's so much fun.  Really, try it, you'll like it.

Don't you just love all the junk emails you get.  I was super excited to see that I had won a new and improved iPad3.  What?  They are joking with me?  Well, I never.

So I guess you are going to tell me that I didn't win the PublisherClearing prize either.  But wait, F.R.'s husband left town.  hmmmm, interesting.

This is the junk drawer in our kitchen.  I have to say, Mr. Dazee likes everything in it's place, so it is all stashed in a box.  And yes, we save our boxtops for the grandkids.  Because we are awesome like that.

This is the junk that sits behind my computer.  Now, before you get all "she's a pig, look at all those white chocolate reeses".  I have some candy hanging around for the kids.  Yes, I'm a spoiler, what of it.  Little Miss A will bring me a piece every time she goes to get one, "because it's your favorite".    She's a sweetheart.  I just let them add up and then take them back to their place of residence.  Of course, every now and again, I'll eat one.


This photo was taken in 2008.  We were at Lagoon, our place of fun in the sun amusement park.  The roller coaster in the photo is called Wicked.  You shoot out of the start, go straight up, and then straight down.  I am a roller coaster fan.  Miss L, who was only 5 at the time, wanted to go on it.  They had booster seats for those kids that were a certain height but not quite tall enough to ride without.  We got all strapped in, and I'm freaking out thinking she is going to be a basket case.  Oh No.  The first thing she said when we got back to the start was, "lets go on it again grammie".  Yeah, she got it from me.  :)  The little daredevil.

Now I wish I could go on it right this minute.

Next Weeks Prompts:
Stuffed Animals
Your Choice

Remember, let your imagination be your guide.  Think outside the box.  It could be toy stuffed animals, or those of the "he shot them, now they're hanging on your wall" variety.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Future Prompts:
Old 4/5/12
Looking To Your left 4/12/12
Architecture 4/19/12
Repeating Pattern  4/26/12

And, because I'm just not getting too many following along on my What the Frack Friday, I'm just putting out a reminder that I'm here, let out any frustration you have.  It really does make you feel better.  


  1. I would never call you a pig. Unless you're into that!
    And by the way, I would totally devour those chocolates. One of my favorites. I'm drooling right now!

  2. I did think about using a junk drawer photo, but I've got so many of them I'd have had trouble narrowing down which one to use!!

  3. Oh...and I save those box tops, too. In addition, they collect ring tabs from soda cans and soup cans, as well. :)

  4. Mr. Dazee and I would probably get along pretty well then. I clean them out periodically so they aren't too cluttered.

    And I'll go with you on the roller coaster. Tell me when!

    Great set this week!

  5. I so wish I had time to play. In the meantime I'll just watch your fun.

  6. I swear, if we paid attention to all that spam crap in our emails, we'd be worth millions. And I can't get 2 nickels to rub together! What's up with that? haha. It is amazing how much spam is out there.

  7. I am a neat freak but that involves hiding junk in places you can't see them...there is a method behind my madness. I own plenty of junk drawers :)