Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Spy - Colors


Time to get our photo's on.  You heard me, snap to it.  Haha, I made a funny there.  Snap, like you snap a photo.  Ok, just slap me and get it over with.  
Join in with my fabulous co-hostess Christy with her dangerously Mad Mind, and myself.  It's all the rage.

Get out your camera, any kind you have, take a photo of our very hard and complicated prompts, and join on up.  Heck we don't ever care if you pull one from your archive from 10 years ago.  If it goes along with the prompt, awesome.  And as you have noticed, I'm not your normal type of photo taker.  I take the prompt and let my imagination go wild.  Think outside the box.  That's me.

This weeks prompts are COLORS and YOUR CHOICE

Considering the fact that it is still Sprinter here in my neck of the woods, there wasn't much going on in the color department outside.  So I took photo's of stuff around my house. 

First up, the colors in the tile on the back splash in the kitchen.  

We have a guest bath that has a sailing type motif to it.  I love this little thing we found. 

In the master bathroom, we had to find some cool things to put around the tub.  (which, I never use, so not a bath person).  I love all the different colors that these shells are made up of.  

My Choice

The mother of my grandchild in the making and I went to breakfast the other day at a place called Mimi's Cafe.    I like to go there when I'm feeling like a homemade meal, but don't want to make the mess.  Really, click on the link and check out their menu's.  You'll be begging your town to get one. 

Anymimislater, we both ordered juice.  She got orange, I got apple.  Take a look at these glasses they brought to the table.  Apparently, this is the glass that a large comes in.
How cool is that.  Ok, it doesn't take much to impress me.   I kind of felt like I was in some hi-falooting place.   Was that boyfriend I just saw.  :)

Now.  Do me a favor.  Please link up.  Do I have to get on my knees?

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  1. I love your kitchen backsplash! And I'm jealous of the DREAM! I am a huge fan of southwest colors. Nice shots this week!

  2. I love that Dream!!!
    And I want to make out with those drinks.

  3. Your "dream" sculpture is so cute! Nice colors in it, too. I am like you and probably haven't been in our bathtub in years! I much prefer the shower.

    Those glasses are neat and what I would think of as a pilsner glass. I have a set a friend gave us when we married. Perhaps one will have some green beer in it on Saturday. ;)

  4. Colorful shells make me happy!

  5. Sorry I'm sooo late, I've just had a week from hell and it's the first time I've really had the chance to give this any thought. And boy can you tell! :D

    Love all your shots, I never even thought of colourful things around the house! Great idea.

    I hate showers and love a bath. Well actually don't love baths either, but when I get to the stinking stage I'll have a bath rather than shower! :D