Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Fracken Said, What? To Who? About Me?

Time once again for What The Frack.  Where I let it all loose about the things that have been bothering me.  Join on up, get your rants on, and lets roll.

Dear Woman That Shall Not Be Named.

You know what?  You are a demented piece of dog shit that better learn to keep your trap shut when it comes to me.  

Don't be telling certain people that I love, that they need to get their priorities straight about seeing The Hunger Games.  Really?  You are fracken really going there?  You, who say you will watch your granddaughters, and then decide the day of, that you have to go listen to your husband sing!  Really, like you haven't heard him sing many, many times, but you get to see your granddaughters maybe 3 times a year.  Priorities?  

Oh, and what is this I hear about you and your daughters spending ALL DAY MONDAY with said person that I love, and then you have the audacity to YELL AT HER IN FRONT OF THE GRANDKIDS about how she would rather spend time with me than with your family.  

Guess the frack what????  I'm her family by blood.  You are by marriage.  Could it be that you are judgemental.  Could it be that I'm a hundred times funner to hang out with.  That I won't tell her how to live her life, what movies to see, get mad at her when she spends time with other people.  

Get the frack over yourself.  I'm tired of being the bad guy here.  You are just lucky that I wasn't around when you went on your rampage, because honestly, I would have been all over your ass.  Remember 2 years ago when me and your daughter-in-law had plans, yet again, and you decided that, oh, that would be a good weekend to have an impromptu wedding?  I guess you didn't see how rotten and awful your WHOLE family treated me.  I was interfering with your family time.  No, you were interfering with my family time!  

Oh, and I DO NOT force people to do things.  So as much as you want to hate me, go ahead, but don't you ever, ever, ever treat her like that again.  If so, it will not be pretty.

This is not a threat, this is a promise!!!!!!!

Phew, I think I needed to get that off of my chest.

Now it's your turn.  


  1. Yeah what you said!!! I'm your backup too. Just let me at her! How dare she treat ANYONE that way! If she can't be nice, she should just keep her mouth shut.

  2. I could take her out in one punch

  3. I really really hope I never get on the wrong side of you! ;) :D

  4. Drop kicking someone's head brings out the endorphins like nothing else. My family is a little squirly, but thankfully not too nasty. We just avoid each other and everyone is happy. Thanks for sharing your rant. I feel so much better now that I've ranted through your words!

  5. I just love you! And believe me, I will ALWAYS stay on your side. If I know what's best for me!
    You Feel better today?

  6. This post made ME feel better! I'm with you, girl. Sometimes people just NEED a good dressing down, and a good one you delivered. Cool, very cool.


  7. Whew! That was a mouthful. I like it!