Monday, March 26, 2012

Honestly, I Can't Take Her Anywhere

My cousin April was in town from Podunk, errr I mean Hagerman Idaho, a town of no stop lights, this weekend.  So when she comes to the big city of Salt Lake, it's an adventure.

We started out our Saturday evening with a fine meal at Olive Garden.  First of all, one of the local high schools was having their Prom.  How did I know?  All the lovely dressed up kids showing up to dinner.  Now, if I'm in a formal dress, there is no way I want to be eating Italian, but hey, that's just me.  Funny thing happened.  There was a table set for 8 across from us.  Two couples swished   came in and took their seats.  A couple of minutes later, 2 other couples arrive.  

OMG, what is this, one of the girls from the first group, and one of the girls from the second group, HAVE THE SAME EXACT POOFY DRESS.  I, in my camera goes with me everywhere mode, tried to catch both of them.  If I was like some of you (Queenie), I would have totally asked them to stand together so I could get their photo.  But as it was, I didn't want to cause them any more embarrassment so I just tried to catch them without them noticing.

This is the 2nd girl that arrived.  She was closer and had her back to me.
The blurry one is the same dress, from the side, hurry and snap the photo, girl from the first couples.  The girl from the first photo kept trying to scoot her chair back closer to our table so they wouldn't have to look at each other.  I'm beginning to think it's a good thing I was never invited to the proms.
Now, please, if you will, watch this small clip from the movie, Bridesmaids.

This is my lovely cousin re-enacting the scene with our spinach/artichoke dip.  
And yes, we said the same words and everything.  Because we are goons.

After dinner we stopped at Pier One.  My oh my, I love that place.  Here she is making out with the silicone oven mitt.  

Before we got to my house we stopped and got my mail, because we have community mailboxes where I live.  Yes, I love it, NOT.   With the night being warm, we had the sunroof open.  This is what happens when you get out to get your mail, and leave April in the car.  
Her shirt says "Rebel".  Yes April, yes you are.

To Be Continued..........


  1. Ha ha, April looks and sounds like a real fun person to be around! Love the spinach scene!! :D

  2. LOL. I think April is probably a blast to go out on the town with and has your sense of humor?? Nice impersonation. Maybe she should brush a little more. LMAO. Loved it!

  3. Love it! She sounds like fun. I can only wish I'd been a fly on the wall. But knowing you, you would have squashed me with a fly swatter. Okay may I don't want to be a fly on the wall......

  4. I can totally see you trying to snap those pics!

  5. She wasn't this nuts when we were kids. Just shy and quiet... hardly said a word.

  6. Your cousin's a Freak! Love her!

  7. Since you take your camera everywhere perhaps you consider becoming a member of the Papparazzi. Is there anyone in Utah to stalk?

  8. I had so much fun and miss you tons. :(

  9. oh this was such a fun post...Now that I am living in SO CA I make sure my camera is where ever I go
    never know who might be lurking.

    Thanks for the guys look like lots of fun

    April...just think of the next time ;)