Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire

Today, I am going to tell you all a story about Chrissann and Doughboy.  Yes, I know that I no longer work with these fine specimen of menhood, but hey, I still have ways of finding out their lies.  That's what a good P.I. like myself does.  

First of all Chrissann (not his real name) worked in credit.  He became all hot and bothered one day because the salesmen were not filling out job accounts right.  So he took around the new credit application "that he had written himself".  Too funny that it said, "please fax this back to Chrissann in credit".  Hmmm last time I checked there wasn't a Chrissann in credit.  

l i a r!!!!!
I was told a little story recently about Chrissann telling someone in the office that a person in another location had called HIM, to put pressure on this person in the office to get her to do some work because other location person needed something to do.  R.I.G.H.T.  Because A, said other person would never call you over that, and B, she would have called the person directly.
I detest people like him.  But he is a much better person to keep around than me.  
Just sayin'.

Doughboy.  Mr., I try to make you think I'm smarter than I really am, I.T. guy.
Oh, and just so you know, we were woman, so therefore we will never be as smart as me.  

Female in the office is having problems with her phone.  She calls Doughboy.  He thinks she is just not smart enough to figure it out.  That's funny doughboy, both me and her were smarter than you.  Had to show you a few things you couldn't figure out.  But whatever floats your boat.  

So he called his good ole partner in crime, Chrissann and has him go look at her phone because, he thinks she is doing it wrong.  Give me a break.  Of course, I'm calling them both

I have to say, this Progressive commercial in one of my favorites right now.  I wish this kind of stuff would happen in real life.  

Yeah, I still have some anger issues.  Working on them.


  1. When you figure out how to deal with the anger issues, please tell me. I could use some assistance in that area.

    BTW, you have every right to be angry with them. And of course you are smarter than them. Like that was a question.

  2. Oh my Gosh I hate people like that! Gah!
    Anger issues are dealt with easily; smash the face that's bothering you and move on. lol If only it were allowed to be that simple.

    Ha! I love the progressive commercial! Love it! Though, I've lied to get out of a few tricky situations so I'm not sure if I'd really want it to happen in real life.

  3. See I love that i blog...I can take out all of my anger out on the internets. So glad that you don't work with those jerkoffs.