Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Spy - What Is It?

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for the blogging sensation
I SPY, the photo meme hosted by
Christy with her Mad Mind
Dazee of Crazy Daze & Nites

Lets give them a hand.   
(and the crowd goes wild)

Once again, give us the rules Alex
(ah hum) 
Every week your hosts will give you 2 prompts.  
You will take these prompts, go out into the world, and find photo's of the prompts.  You are allowed to use any type camera, and fix them up any way you want.  

Thank you Alex.  With that, lets begin this weeks show.


I had such a blast doing this prompt.  Just thought I would tell you that before you got to my photos.

What is this.......hmmmmm......looks like some kind of party going on.........

Why, its a hanging light fixture from Ikea.  

What fluffy thing could this be........looks like.........ummmm........ 

Well I'll be darned.  It's a broccoli pillow, also from Ikea
and he's so dang cute.  I could just eat him up.......har-har-har it a confused it a pear..........

Nope, its an apple.  I would call this the apple that really wanted to be a pear.  Even his little bottom isn't quite right


I'm keeping my choice in the category of, What is it, because, well, I just had to.

What is this lovely design by Miss A. 

Why its.........

So fun.  I so hope that a bunch of you will link up.  

Next weeks prompts
Your Choice

Future prompts
Junk 3/22/12
Stuffed Animals 3/29/12
Old 4/5/12
Looking To Your left 4/12/12

Now remember, let your imaginations go wild.  


  1. Decided I need to come say hi...lately I feel like the whatthehellisit stuff you have here. Love the last one though. Hug em tight:)

  2. I want that light from Ikea.. woohoo I get to play this week. No storms , no snow, Mother nature is playing nice..

  3. I loved our trip to Ikea. Love that first photo.

  4. I always love your take on the prompts.
    And I find Ikea to be a strange place.
    Am I the only one?

  5. I've never been in an Ikea - you found some really fun stuff there!!

    I was gonna guess apple on the final one, but the shape totally threw me off. Weird!

  6. I LOVE the broccoli pillow!!! Very cool and I would so totally have that in my house.

    Nice photos this week!

  7. I love the "what is it" game. I hope you repeat that one more often!

  8. Well this was fun. Ikea has some great stuff. Weird, but great. :D I'll try and join in with this one!

  9. Love little A's drawings. <3 That Ikea light fixture is in the house I want! :)

  10. I've so got to get in on this!!

    Great job Joe!!